Issues with Jupiter App


I would like to bring to notice some of very annoying bugs which I think should be fixed on priority. List is below -

1.) List of options while adding HDFC Rupay Credit Card as UPI payment are not correct.
So, I was trying to add my HDFC Rupay Credit Card in UPI and see the screen below. It literally has options like CC1, CC2, …

2.) After adding HDFC Rupay CC on UPI, it doesn’t work
Let’s say I select “HDFC Bank Credit Card” in above options and add the credit card, it never works with upi. Forget about making a transaction, even the “Check Balance” functionality doesn’t work.

3.) Bill payments notification from home screen doesn’t go away
If I have added a bill earlier and if a new bill is generated for the month then it’s notification is permanently present on the home screen. The only way to get rid of those notifications is that either I have to pay the bill (which I can’t as I pay all my bills on 1st of every month) or I mark them as paid (which again I can’t because on 1st I may forget)

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Just checked the app and found the first issue is present for me too. Since I didn’t have any Rupay credit card and have never paid any recurring bills through Jupiter, am unable to confirm the second and third issues.
Thanks for highlighting these issues.

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For the Rupay card to work on Jupiter UPI, the question is - is that functionality been enabled on the app? The observations on more than one option for HDFC Bank is something that even I see.

For the point on the bill pay, while I have not made an electricity bill payment, I did complete a DTH Recharge in the past. I do not get any notifications for the next recharge. The UX in terms in sticky payment reminders seems to consistent with apps like Paytm, Mobiqwik and Cred where these notifications tend to stick even if the payment has already been made.

I think currently Jupiter doesn’t support rupay cc


Thanks for highlighting this but I don’t think that link is updated. Recently PhonePe launched linking rupay cc on their app and it works like a charm.

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Correct. Phonepe, Paytm and Mobiqwik apart from the BHIM app support.
On a side note - I am glad you have a Rupay Credit Card. It has been a card variant that has been eluding me.

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Even if the reminders are supposed to stick, atleast they should be moved to payments page. Having them in home page is pretty annoying, specially when I know I will be paying them on a certain date.

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Agree with that observation. Helps make the page less cluttered.

I just checked the Roadmap and revamped home page is currently in testing. Guess, this suggestion might get covered here.

Thanks for raising this Ankit. At the moment, it is not possible to add a Rupay Credit Card on Jupiter app, even though it appears in the Bank list. We are working hard to make this feature come to life and will update here as soon as it is ready.


That’s great Lizann. Hope to see that feature soon.
Can you please take forward the issue highlighted on point-3?


@ankitiitgs I’ve passed this feedback of your bill payment experience with the payments team.

We’ll need to think about this.