Payment processing Issues

I have been using Jupiter for past few months and would like to tell you that the Application UI, interface is all good but disappointed to share that the payment processing is always a problem.
I would like to bring to your notice that each and every time whenever there is a communication or time out issues through ecom gateway or PoS machine, the amount gets debited from jupiter account and later on the transaction either gets failed or timed out.
Kindly sort out this issue, as clearly the transactions are not getting credited to the merchant.
One such txn has happened again for me on 15/01/22 for Rs. 602 at west side, wherein I could clearly see that the POS machine is not processing but still my account got debited.
Kindly look into the issue and resolve the same on urgent basis.

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Hey @Sunil_Kumar thanks for bringing this to our notice. We will need to get this checked. This could be a user specific issue.

Let me connect with you over DM for details. I’ll help you out :slight_smile: