Prototype testing in the Jupiter Bangalore office! 🧪

Hello everyone :hyper_wave:

We’ve got some exciting news for you! Bangalore folks, you’re especially going to love this :party_parrot:
We’re hosting an Onsite Prototype Testing Session in our Bangalore office!

The team has been working on something that will help people understand, measure & move towards financial wellness :bar_chart:

We want our Community members to be a part of this journey.

Folks in Bangalore, Are you in?

  • Yes!! Count me in! :blobyes:
  • Can’t make it, but can be online :computer:
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  • Those who opt to join us in our office, we’ll connect with you and ask a few details.
  • For online folks, we will connect with you a bit later, after the onsite session is completed.

Treat for showing up? :gift:

Of course, Goodies are waiting to be claimed. So you better come :crossed_fingers:

When and where? :world_map:

Monday, 28th August, 5pm to 6pm.

We’re hosting it in our office. Here’s a link to our location

Let's have a meeting!

This is your chance to meet the team in person.
Don’t miss this!

Have a nice weekend :beers:


A form has been sent to the ones who are coming to the office! Along with other details.
If I missed out on anyone, let me know.

Note: Before you join us, we’d like to let you know that there are limited spots and it means everything to us! We’ll try our best to accommodate everyone.


I’m very excited, but I can go :slightly_smiling_face:

Bcz I’m from West Bengal, hopefully we can meet via online.
And please make a small vlog tour of your office and introduce yours employees :rocket:


Thank you Mr Pinto for your invitation,
I am surprised to see this community. I have never experienced such a event though I was with Pfizer pharmaceutical for 12 years and 5 years with Dr Reddys lab. Since I was in sales and marketing so traveled almost 3/4 India. We also arranged meetings and seminars but this is amazing.
It would be the metter of pride to attend and learn in your company but I beg my apology to not able to join because of personal reasons.
Wish you all the joy and blessings.
With gratitude and regards.


Pls edit and remove the phone number from the post :upside_down_face:

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@sani No worries. Phir milenge chalte chalte… :smiley:

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Sir I am sorry. Not able to remove. Please delete mail from your portal.

Hai @E2Solarpower welcome to the community… :v:t2:
Don’t worry…The concerned team edited and removed number and other sensitive personal information from the post :+1:t2:


We’ve finalised our folks for the event tomorrow.
For those who haven’t been invited for the offline event, we’ll brief you later when the online sessions happens.

Excited to see some of you tomorrow!


Live stream the event :grin:

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The prototype testing went well. Be rest assured the Jupiter team is working to make the app better in every way. Got a lot of doubts cleared too by the team.

Thanks @Kruthi_Purohit, Karishma, Nidhi, Arif, et. al. for being great hosts and making us feel most welcome.

Special Thanks to @Jiten for making a guest appearance. :wink:

Thanks for the snacks & goodies too. :slight_smile:

@Shawnpinto Next time no excuses for your absence. :smiley:


@here The meet-up was super fun! :party_parrot:

Thanks again for joining & collaborating with us - @alexnazy @DarkCoderNavV @Akash_Kumar @NHbhai18 @chaitanya_kumar_Mada @DNY @gau6rav @Anand_Sagar @avaakash :raised_hands:

@Jiten gave us a surprise visit too :eyes:

Here are some fun snaps of our meetup below:

Folks who want an online session, we’ll pick people at random basis and connect with you on DMs.
We’ll need to align on a common meeting time.

I was supposed to be here, but something had come up hence couldn’t make it :(((
That means we’ll have to connect more!

Yes, that means more Community meetings!!
See you again :slight_smile:



Waiting for the online meet up :cool_doge: :cool_doge:
Happy and proud to see a company that genuinely cares and prioritizes its customers. :jewel:
Those burgers and Jupiter’s Welcome/Goodie Box :fire: :laughing:


Please bring the feature for those who lost their mobile number permanently, those people can’t even able to login in jupiter app. Thank you.

It was surely a wonderful time with you folks and would love to have more of these and yes you were missed but probably next time.



Will be waiting for online meet-up


@7006154217 Can you please elaborate?

If you have lost your mobile (and hence the SIM card) or if you have misplaced your SIM card or if your SIM card is damaged, you can still get a new SIM card (with the same mobile number) from your local Airtel/Jio/Vodafone showroom.

So I am curious as to how one can lose his/her mobile number permanently. One reason that I can think of is when the SIM card is not in your name and the owner is not accessible to you. In that case, I would recommend you to get your own SIM in your own name - especially for your financial activities.

Actually i lost my mobile number permanently, i called service provider and said i want to restart my mobile number again and they said this mobile number is permanently blocked you can’t restore it again,now i am unable to login in in jupiter app as my mobile number not working,please help me in this issue

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Dear Jupiter. Please elaborate this. Community for which purpose.atul dubey