Best Financial Forums List

Hi Friends,

During the Prototype testing one of our community members introduced me to FinTalks.

This got me thinking about the difference forums where you can get to hang out with like minded people.

I would like to know what are the best forums for finance and related interests in India.

I am listing some that I am aware of…

Reddit - Internet’s Home Page - So all topics in one roof

Jupiter Community - FinTech

TechnoFino Community - Credit cards

FinTalks - All financial talks

Trading Q&A - Trading & Stock Market

JagoInvestor - Investment discussions

Beshak - Insurance discussions

NoBroker Forum - RealEstate

Please continue this thread with the forums that you frequent.


Zerodha Community
Fintech Inside by Osborne
Finkonnect [WA Group] by Satyam Sinha
Banking & Financial News by Kallol Mandal. Caveat - you need to be a banker [present/ex] to join this group
Youtube Channel of Yadnya Invest


Credolfly telegram community: Telegram: Contact @credofly
Fintalks telegram community: Telegram: Contact @fintalksgroup