Do you follow any finance influencers/pages?

Here’s a thread for you to share your favourite pages for fintech & finance content.
Do you follow any particular influencers in this category to gain tips and tricks? If yes, share away!

If you’re sharing them, please share links too!
I’ll go first -


Here comes the my favourite YouTube channel about finance.

• Labour Law Advisor

• Pranjal kamra

PK only talks about finance where LLA covers a variety topic specially for salaried person, they talk about
Investor bonds
Entrepreneur laws and taxes
Employee taxes, provident funds, and employee state insurance
The Minimum Wages Act, EPF Act, Code on Wages Act, Maternity benefit Act, Industrial Disputes Act, and Payment of Gratuity Act
The rights of private employees, including employment agreements, maternity benefits, provident funds, gratuity, fair salary and bonuses, overtime, the right to leave, and the prevention of sexual harassment at the workplace.

Even in few cases they helped their subscribers to fight against something.


To be frank, I don’t follow any influencers; the correct term “finfluencers.” :laughing: :grin:
Based on my past experiences, I’ve noticed that a significant portion of finfluencers engages in paid promotions (though not everyone does).
In today’s digital age, any person with just a couple of credit cards and a YouTube channel can easily transform themselves into so-called “finfluencers.”
That’s why I appreciate SEBI’s measures directed towards them.

Last month, there was an incident on Twitter where an individual was exposed (I won’t mention the name). Even now, I can’t stop laughing whenever I remember that incident. He had packages/offers of something around 5000-25000 Rs/hour for his financial advice :grin:

I follow Groww on Telegram and Blogs, Finshots for their blogs. During Covid watched a lot of videos from Pranjal Kamra and CA Rachna Ranade. She was instrumental in me starting to invest in alternate investment products


Simple tip: You can use RSS feeds to aggregate all the blogs in one app.
See screenshots . Clicking All feeds mixes entire blogs together and sorts on posted time, you can also watch individual blogs too.

STEP 1: Download the opml file from the link. It has somewhere around 26+ finance related blogs (This is compiled by me ,so if anyone wants me to add more let me know)

STEP 2 : Download an RSS Feed Reader app like Feedly, Inoreader, Pluma etc… My personal favourite is Feeder. It is free and open source.

STEP 3 : Import OPML file to your RSS reader. Wait a minute or two sync


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  2. You can delete certain blogs and add individual blogs also



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Some more sources…


Tickertape is an interesting page

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In addition to Finshots, Groww, Pranjal Kamra, Labour Law Advisor, Akshat Srivastava, I also follow…

Prateek Singh - LearnApp YouTube Channel -

The video on Pick a mutual fund in 10 minutes was very helpful -

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I also like the shorts by Finance with Sharan -

His shorts are good. Of course he is copying from a US Youtuber.

Interestingly even Jupiter sponsored him.


One more favourite of mine is Ankur Warikoo…

But I am careful about their sponsors and promotions.

Recently SEBI has made an investment advisor license compulsory for them. Let’s see how many overcome this.