Where do you go for your dose of Financial News?

I have some subscriptions, blogs, websites that help me catch-up to all the interesting things happening in the world of Finance/ FinTech. Also accepting Podcasts, twitter handles! :man_technologist:

Add on your recommendations and we’ll publish this at the end, for good!
And if you feel there’s an interesting article you read last that talks about FinTech, Banks or finance in general post it as a separate thread!


Finshots and Paisa vaisa podcast.


I do follow a bunch of people on twitter and subscribe to some blogs and podcasts.

Finshots for sure, do checkout http://finbloggers.com/

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Feel, free to share twitter handles and podcast links!

@Madhu @dhanvi checking what you’ll shared :nerd_face:

Google finance is good

Seeking alpha; https://seekingalpha.com/
Finshots ( for india)
ET money ( india)
ETF.com; https://www.etf.com/

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Am I late to the party? :sweat_smile:
Along with the ones mentioned above, these are my goto websites for fintech
Techcrunch - https://techcrunch.com/tag/fintech/
PYMNTS - https://www.pymnts.com/

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Never late to the party, we were just getting started. Great to have you on board!

Great app. Automatically collates articles from different sources and creates a flippable magazine out of it.
It takes some time to set preferences but works great for me. Using it since 2013/14

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