Finance Podcast Recommendations?

Hi guys!
I’ve recently started listening to a lot of podcasts and I need your help to find some new ones. I want to increase my financial literacy and I’m hoping that there are some great finance related podcasts out there to help me towards this goal. A few that I’ve been enjoying are

If anyone has any recommendations similar to these or related to finance in general I’m all ears. Open to anything and everything finance related!


Check these out :slight_smile:


Love these recommendations! I think the ones I was listening to earlier were more focused on personal finance. These delve into the world of Fintech in India which helps better understand the finance industry in today’s world and how it will evolve in the newer future. Super important to know about that to make informed decisions. Also love Breaking Banks Fintech for talking about individual people/organizations - helps keep me up to date. Thanks a ton :blush:

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wow, i just realized how less i knew in a space i felt like i knew something. wonderful set of collection