What is your favourite podcast?

Here’s a thread to share your fav podcasts. Can be an episode or two, or shows.

Here’s my fav episode of the day.

Warner Bros. Discover: David Zaslav on the past, present and future of entertainment.


Not really

What is 5G like in India right now- Orbital (Spotify link)

I love their review on all things tech.

Sneakers as investment with superkicks - Spotify link

Paisa Vaisa with Anupam Gupta has a lotta interesting interviews.

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I have never been to this parts of spotify :no_mouth:

Lucky you! They’ve been shoving podcasts down our throats for a few months now.

Primarily because bare minimum royalties to pay to podcasters compared to music and record labels.

I got hooked in. And now I’m all in. :sweat_smile:

I should test it then :zap:

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I was one addicted to mens of culture podcast

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That’s a great recommendation. Adding to my list.

If you have little bit intrest in movies and pop culture you will totally love it :adult:t2: