Do you have any membership plans?

Hey folks!

What kind of membership/subscription plans do you use right now?
We’d like to know what our community folks used the most :slight_smile:

The most mentioned plan gets picked for our future rewards, referrals programs, better offers, you name it!

Oh and, It’s okay if you don’t have any. Is there any plan that you’d like to have anyway?

Adding a poll below to classify the top used categories.

  • OTT :tv: (Amazon prime, Disney Hotstar, Netflix, etc)
  • Food :hamburger: (Swiggy One, Zomato pro)
  • Music :musical_note: (Spotify, Apple Music, Wynk)
  • Health and fitness :running_man:t3: (Cult, Yoga sessions, etc)
  • Something else, I’ll mention below.

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Drop what you’ve subscribed to in the comments below :point_down:t3:
You can mention the duration too!

Going first!

Currently using Spotify premium yearly and Swiggy One Membership for 3 months.

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Amazon prime and hotstar yearly subscription.

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Netflix, Swiggy, Amazon, Hotstar, Zee, SonyLiv, Aha, PIA.

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Thanks! @niranjan_kumar @Aniket_Sharma :slight_smile:
I’ve added a poll above to make this easier.

You can vote too!

Spotify premium is a must have. I’d have like Netflix but a lot of their content is garbage-tier so I couch surf on that.

Disney Hotstar is dirt cheap, so I pay for that.

Meanwhile Step aside, free speech…. Amazon Prime is a basic human right!

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@here Some Interesting choices!

Looks like OTT services are our go-to category for now.
Time to make this tricky :nerd_face:

If you had been given a choice to pick ONE of the below, which one would it be and why?

  • Disney Hotstar worth 1 year
  • Amazon Prime worth 1 year
  • Swiggy one Membership worth 1 year
  • NetFlix membership worth 3 months

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For example, some people pick Hotstar since it streams Cricket matches. So that’s a benefit over the others.

Netflix with 4k pack. Not baisc :no_good_man:

Twist: it’s Hotstar’s crappy mobile only subscription.

And Netflix 240p ad-tier.

Just like free electricity, water and maybe gas. I hope Delhi makes Amazon Prime free too.

It’s become an essential lifestyle sub lol.

“Vote for us, and we’ll give you so-n-so”.

“Vote for us, and we’ll give you Amazon prime for four years.”


I’ll pledge my allegiance to Darth Kejru in a heart beat

Of course I will choose Ammazon


1 year Subscription :zap: of :point_down:

Disney + Hotstar

Sony LIV


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Sony Liv and Zee have some really good content lately.