What do you think about membership plans?

Hi everyone! :wave:

I’m excited to share that we are working on a membership plan that’d have a curated set of benefits to make Jupiter even more relevant and amazing for you. We would love to hear your feedback on the same through this short survey.

Please click here to fill the survey.

Additionally, please comment below what kind of benefits would you like to see in the membership? Looking forward to the discussion.



Does this membership plan affect what is currently free in jupiter?

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Nice to hear that you are coming up with subscription, You can include any of the following below.
Please Including OTT subscription like Amazon prime, Netflix, Zee5, Sonyliv etc
Food subscription swiggy one not zomato pro because that has no benefits.
Jewels on Shopping on ecommerce and food orders
Some more benefits with affordable subscription price.


Thanks for sharing @Imashish , very useful. What other benefits would you like to see?


This plan will build on top of what is already available on Jupiter.


Everything is Good but if we exclude the CashBack, then monthly charge is high .
( Really I also Don’t like OTTs , People may like )

I’m taking about without any CashBack, monthly ₹99 or annually ₹999 is enough for those invest little bit .

If we consider new bee :honeybee: , This charges is unacceptable.
People Try small amount in MF/Stock ( ₹1K monthly) can’t earn money for the subscription plan


Yes. Maybe they could make a tier system. Each tier with specific feature and price

Or people get to choose the features and pay accordingly…


Honestly… I’m not impressed.

Why bundling ott subscriptions with a banking product. Its deviating focus from core use of Jupiter. Better to include only banking n finance features only.

Also… I’m not able to understand that what this membership plan aims for… apart from generating revenue for Jupiter (Which is important).
As a user, it seems gimmicky to me.

Please explain if I’m misunderstanding this.


Isn’t a Corporate Salary Account enough?



for real , the ott and big basket/zomato stuff are something that is not useful for many, better to have more finance/bank related features or make is more affordable removing the clutter.


Not cool with the monthly charges plan. Lounge access needs to be free at least once or twice a year.
Zomato / Prime / Netflix sub (or a discounted offer) is a given. What we need is more curated rewards so no two card members have the same offers.

I know it’s a tough sell, but you guys can build it! As a customer I need to be proud of my Jupiter card. Super proud. And for that, we need compelling membership rewards, both on credit AND debit cards.


what are bank/finance features in your view?
They are launching membership so most probably it’s going to be paid, and for that paid amount everyone wants benefits as well…right?

And TBH if they offer ott’s at discount/free, food delivery subscription or music subscription they will get customer for sure.

A way to choose what bundled offers one want will be a great feature, why limit offers to only a few categories of people. Personally I will not get attracted anything ott related, so a alternative offer which have different perks will be a great way to get me and others like me on-board.


Thanks @alok . What perks would be of interest to you?

@nateavi what kind of curated membership rewards would you like to see?

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How about health insurance?

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sure thing! @somyasinha

Person A uses the card for a lot of grocery purchases, so give him Swiggy, grofers, big basket, Amazon fresh gift cards etc.

Person B travels a lot, so give him spice jet, indigo, MakeMyTrip gift cards or discount coupons using our Mr points

Person C loves to spend a lakh every year during holidays on electronics. Give him Croma or reliance digital gift cards.

The idea is for Jupiter to recognise my transactions behaviour, and recommend gift cards n coupons that I’m more likely to love n use. The MR points I do collect all month/year should help with purchasing said gift cards.


I agree with others. If I am to buy a membership for 299 a month, it would have to be personalized for me, not a bunch of random stuff where most of it doesn’t matter to me.