What do you think about membership plans?

That’s interesting… :cool_doge: :cool_doge: :cool_doge:

But not a fan of monthly membership plan… It’s better to have an annual plan option too…Users can choose the one what they prefer :space_thumb: :space_thumb:


Just get a free ICICI credit card & get lounge access sorted.


Thanks @Mufeed_Ali . What kind of personalized benefits would be of interest to you?

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Just filled out the survey and didn’t find many of the offerings attractive. Out of the list, I could only choose 1 feature i needed but had to select 5 as it wouldn’t let me go ahead. This is purely my opinion and as i understand, the people using Jupiter are mostly millennials who have an idea of technology and are excited to put it to use. Most of the features mentioned shall already be available for most users as a bundled subscription with one or the other product.


See if i think according to the perspective of membership and bank account then i dont feel it is good idea to grow ur business on. Rather then that you should grow ur business on cashback on card and credit card kinda functionality. And also if u can treat ur debit card as good cashback card then more people use it. If u take me my each card gives me min 1% cashback on any expenses even adding balance to some wallet too. But my few cards provide me upto 3% to 6.5% cashback on shopping from grocery or department store plus 2% cashback on many facilities and many benefits so that card i use more but the pick is the benefits. So think of it like as growing and 1% doesn’t provide anything so try with yearly membership on ur debit card and then activate more cashback % for people which then can recover in year.


It will waste of feature if u don’t improve it right now


That’s a fair argument. How do we pitch membership rewards to the Indian consumer?

An American (in this case, posh Mumbaikar) may end up travelling a lot via air, thus delta skymiles rewards (or Go First rewards?) are an incentive for him/her.

Meanwhile an Indian (bechara Delhiite) may prefer cash backs on immediate grocery purchases or the likes. Or would it be discounts?

Puzzles me till date. Hum chahte kya hain?

We need to hit that sweet spot which keeps both factions happy.



Found these on blinkit. The Offers tab Ui is attractive (much better than our jewels section imho) and I presume we may be able to work something similar to that flow.

Smaller icons, but crystal clearer.

Presenting the discounts front and centre.

Oh and the most important bit: an option to have the customer recommend us rewards that they’d like to find-


I think if you plan to bring up subscriptions you should bring it for a reasonable price. Also things like Free health insurance,more jewels, Discount in e commerce sites or cash backs etc could be brought about.


I agree with Nithin’s idea of providing discounts and other perks based on spending habits. It’s a great way for a fintech company to utilise the tech aspect of it.


Give your first Jupiter debit card cash back quickly Why just lock it for 15 days Do not lock anything for several days I invited my friends to the Jupiter app saying that they will get 1% cash back instantly on every purchase in Jupiter money.

Thanks for sharing, very useful! Customer recommendation is quite interesting.


Feeling the same…

After putting lot of restrictions transaction eligibility for Jewels Earnings, I have already lost my interest in Jupiter.

Frankly speaking, there are no good offers and whatever is available is also with lots of IFs & BUTs and I really hate this kind of Jailed Environment.

Even after using Jupiter for almost a year, Pre-Approved & Unconditional Life Time Credit Card Offer has not been received from Federal Bank.

If similar efforts have been made after Kotak811 or Indus Digi-Start or BOB B3 PLUS or any other Bank’s Zero Balance Digital Savings Account then buy now they have showered Pre-Approved Offers for Credit Cards, Loans & Other Financial Products.

So I am not with the idea of Membership Fees, whether Monthly or Annually and in slabs or without that.

Jupiter should first try to liberalize its current offerings and then talk about something on the top of it.

Those who are looking for OTT Subscriptions as a part of Membership things, kindly buy Paytm FIRST and TimesPrime during multiple offers coming on that, you will get multiple membership in the one go and at an affordable rate.

Buy Jio Fibre or Airtel Xtreme etc. Broadband Connections, they are also coming with OTT Subscriptions bundled with it.

Jupiter’s offers on OTT Subscription buying and Auto-debit are also not that much worth against what competition is offering in the Market. e.g. Flipkart SuperCoins can be redeemed for buying almost all OTT Subscriptions from their Platform, moreover there is choice of 1 Month, 3 Months, 6 Months and 1 Year Subscription options are available under respective OTT.

Check out GyFTR for Offers on OTT Membership Codes, they have tie-up with multiple Banks for their Credit Card Customers and running Discount Offers from time to time.

OTT Subscription is already chewed territory, Jupiter should refrain from investing its time & energy behind that or such a membership Gimmicks and rather than make its existing practices more comfortable and lucrative for their existing Customers. Definitely your business will Grow multifold.


Hey @maulik.n.raval thanks for sharing the detailed feedback. We will reflect on this internally. Two questions for you -

  1. What features would you like to see on our membership plan that other apps/platforms don’t have?
  2. Any specific kind of offers you are looking for?

kindly allow foreign inward remittance so that youtubers and others who receive money from google and facebook can use jupiter. For membership purposes add netflix, hotstar and amazon prime. I gues maximum young generation uses any of these three OTT platforms

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Fair point @Subha_Kay . Our team is working on launching remittances, stay tuned.

Any other benefits for freelancers that would be useful in our membership plan?

@somyasinha I am not able to join jupiter due to your apps’s technical problem and already raised this issue(video kyc). So fix it first, many people already raised the issue and I am waiting for 4 days. Once I join and access your app, I will be able to tell you what extra features you can bring to attract more people on jupiter.

For now I am suggesting a payment link feature which anyone can share in whatsapp or social network so by clicking it their friends and family or incase of freelancers, client can pay them money. I used this feature in a payment processor company and it actually works well for freelancers.

Hey @Subha_Kay

Sorry for the delay. Our concerned team is working on fixing your issue at the earliest. I shall update you via DM once the team has fixed the issue so that you could try onboarding again. We will be glad to have you onboard.

Appreciate your kind patience and understanding in the interim.

Thank you.

It’s already devaluated

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Obviously Netflix is missing every where