What do you think about membership plans?

Edit : Read Jiten’s medium post and it would seem like this is already the case, which super awesome and makes me happy that I chose Jupiter :heart: Leaving the comment up in case anyone else has similar thoughts.

I don’t mind the idea of membership plans, especially as it will help me more directly support the product that I like and would like to see where it goes.

I think along with other benefits you have mentioned maybe membership plans come with enhanced privacy etc ? Cause when we aren’t paying I understand that we are also the product etc, but if we ARE paying, that should not be the case ?


problem resolved. Thanks.


Hi @nishesh, I’d imagine data security and privacy to be hygiene for all users. Do you have anything specific in mind in terms of data privacy within a membership plan?


As I said when I read Jiten’s latest post, I realised the privacy basics I was looking for are already covered. I was just looking for an option where my data wouldn’t be sold to 3rd parties for monetisation, my phone number is not sold off and I get get a ton of spam etc, all of this seems
to be already in place :slight_smile:


This seems to be a good idea.

You can’t refer here , directly promotion is prohibited.

If Jupiter can offer seamless Wealth Management, i.e. Investments Advice or easy access, Life Insurance, Family Planning etc, I’m willing to pay a membership fee for this. Also I think of Jupiter as my financial control center ever since I started using AA!


I would definitely not want my bank account to have a “Membership Plan” that takes away money from me every month.

But anyways I would like more Tax benefits with hopefully a lounge offer.

Member ship plan should be like this
Monthly reward system should be :-2000- 5000 basic balance for rewards
For ott -10,000-15,000 for all Netflix and others .

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