Get 10% off on your subscriptions!

Introducing our new feature - Rewards on Subscription!

Pay for your monthly fix of music and movies with your Jupiter Debit Card and get 10% rewards.

Check out this video for more info. If you guys got any subscriptions, this is your moment.

How to avail

  • Pay for Netflix, Spotify, Apple Music and YouTube Premium monthly subscriptions with your Jupiter Debit Card
  • On Successful payment, we’ll credit 10% of the payment amount as Jewels to your rewards balance. Jewels will be credited within 7 days from the payment date after verification
  • You’ll soon be able to mark your purchases as subscriptions, and set e-mandates for them. We’ll notify you when that goes live.

Terms and condition

  • Offer valid once per merchant during October 2021, on payments made from Jupiter Debit Card only
  • These 10% rewards are valid over and above any other existing offers
  • Eligible monthly plans: Netflix (199, 499, 649, 799), Spotify (66, 129, 165, 199), Apple Music (76), Youtube Premium (139)

Can’t setup auto-pay for spotify subscription "Spotify Premium Student
" via my Jupiter Debit Card. Getting this error:

All domestic and international payments are already enabled in the debit card settings.

PS: What’s especially weird is only last month I paid for spotify subscription using Jupiter UPI and it worked.

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Auto pay is not allowed as on date on Jupiter debit card. We are working to enable it. Making changes as per new guidelines


What are the terms and conditions in regard to this offer?

@divyrangan I’ve edited the thread topic now.

There’s a family subscription for Youtube Premium as well for Rs. 189. I would suggest you to include that in the offer as well.

Also, Apple offer student discounts which reduce the subscription price to Rs. 49 and the family subscription which is at Rs. 149. Please include them as well.

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Those plans require auto-pay, which is currently in works.

For YouTube, one time payments plans are only for individual 1 month (139).

Apple Music - Its eligible for the (76) plan for now.

All other plans require e-mandates so it will not work on our card. As @Aman_Maurya pointed it out, yes, it’s currently in works :slight_smile:

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Is this resolved?

It’s May 2022, and i’m still unable to purchase Spotify Student Premium auto-pay plan.


@Shawnpinto Any ETA on this ?

Is the E-mandate feature built yet? When can we expect auto-pay for subscriptions on Spotify, Netflix etc


We don’t have an exact date for top merchants yet, but we’re aiming for June/July.

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Hey I’m not able to do payments for my subscription using the jupiter card.
Is there any thing I’m missing out or there is an actual problem going on with jupiter.??
Please help.

My Jupiter debit card is not being accepted for YouTube premium membership. What should I do?

I have paid for Netflix through Jupiter Debit card today. Will I be getting the rewards automatically?