Auto Pay Rewards

so jupiter launched a new rewards scheme which will give 50% off my subscription. But I already have my jupiter card linked to many websites like yt/discord/crunchyroll/ind money so do I have to redo the mandate or will it get detected automaticaly?


  1. Jupiter debit card would not have been linked for any of these subscriptions because we weren’t live on merchants back then.
  2. We have launched Auto-Pay with an offer of 50% off on first 5 subscriptions (upto 150/- per subscription). This offer is applicable on 1st transaction of the subscription.

Note: The discount will be in form of Jewels but only on the 1st transaction. subsequent transactions will get the usual 1% jewels

So to answer your question, yes you will have to redo the mandate for those subscriptions. But they need to be a listed merchant though.

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Oh ok I see
also will mandates show up for international/ no 3D secure transactions that dont require otp as well?

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It’s just for domestic merchants currently.

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is it enabled for YouTube premium ?

Yes it is John…

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