Monthly Payments Activation

Hey Everyone,
As Jupiter promised, they have brought back the monthly payments through Jupiter Card. I am very happy to use it. I wish it could work for PlayStore as well. Jupiter, please bring the monthly payments in PlayStore also.

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Hello @sibims , Welcome to the Jupiter community.

Hoping this could be included soon.

Btw, You can read more at:

Add Debit Card on Gpay on Building Jupiter | Trello

@sibims This is on the development roadmap

Actually the feature in the roadmap is for Adding Jupiter Card on Gpay for NFC payments.

I think he’s asking for Autopay in Google Playstore.


You are right. My apologies.

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I think you did not get it properly. Sorry, that is my mistake. It is not PlayStore payments. It is YouTube payment. I am unable to Join a membership for a YouTuber. The payment is accepted but YouTube refuses it. Is it happening only for me?

What error message are you receiving?
While Jupiter Card can be utilized for auto-pay subscriptions, I am uncertain if it is accepted for membership to a YouTuber rather than a subscription to YouTube Premium.
I hope @Shawnpinto can give a clarification in this regard :+1:.

Error: Authentication already verified

@sibims highly recommend you connect with the support team via the support channels and escalate this.

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