Introducing Auto-Pay (Sneak peek) 🚀

It’s finally here! We’re calling this feature ‘Auto-Pay’. Similar to Standing Instructions. Soon, we’ll be able to set similar mandates for recurring bank transfers or debit card payments.

Live on April 18th, 2022.

Note: We can only set Auto-Pay for Bank transfers and Debit card payments as of now. Coming soon for UPI.

Here are some sneak peeks :eyes:

For Bank transfers, this is an example of an option to set an Auto-Pay. You can edit the amount and set repeat dates + notes.

You can cancel these Auto-Pay settings as well.

To locate this feature, you can head over to the payments tab, quick links, Manage Auto-Pay.

For Debit Card:

That’s what the payment request would look like.

You can view all your Auto-Pay merchants/Payees on one screen. You can check out the payment history as well.

Oh? What’s this? Rewards for Debit Card Auto-Pay? :eyes:

You’ll be able to find Auto-Pay in the card settings. You can even pause/resume your payments.

Note: We’re still setting this up for the top merchants like Netflix, Prime, Spotify, Hotstar, etc. You won’t be able to set an Auto-Pay for these yet. This is WIP.

Currently, this works for a set of merchants. More will be added.

More are getting added every 15 days.

That’s all for the sneak peeks! This should be rolling out soon. Let us know your thoughts :slight_smile:


That looks cool… let see how it work with mutual funds SIP on groww app…

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What about Nach Mandate (ECS)?


ohh nicee! Waiting to check this out.
btw Auto-debit from debit card is enabled or not? I know it doesn’t work on Google.


Can the auto-pay work for UPI transfers also (peer transfers)?


Let me start a short term SIP

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Auto-Pay for UPI is currently WIP.

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You can technically use Auto-Pay as a subscription manager. Since there will be a page to manage and view all your subscriptions in one place. This will include debit card and bank transfer subs as of now.


I have asked about this for when I had to use Debit card for GCP/GoogleCloud but didn’t receive a proper reply. Anyway I have a Q; can I use this to pay on GCP because it’s getting failed there, I guess because recurring payment is not allowed through debitCard.

Yep Jupiter debit cards are not accepted by Google’s pay / play store for recurring subscriptions.


You Guys have introduced “Debt Tracker”

So it will make a lot more sense if you also introduce the Auto Payment facility of EMI Transactions, where we can use our Debit Card/Jupiter Account to pay off our debts.


We need more subscriptions. Netflix, google, Spotify, etc are the most common n basic. More to come.

Hope to see the progress hasten soon. Keep up the good work team!!!


its been a week now @Shawnpinto :man_shrugging: , roll it out fast , i am really close to leaving Jupiter just coz of this feature

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God knows when they are going to release such basic functions…

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there are many people who are just waiting for one or another feature like you & me !!!


The main problem is you can’t even leave them easily… Opening account is easy but closing the account is a nighmare…

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Absolutely right, We’ve been trapped !!!

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Yup rbi should have much stricter rules for neo banks… when they make it simple to open a account they should also make it simple to close the account…


Anyone can help me with Jupiter app shortcuts on the homepage page which includes send and receive etc

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Hey @Keshavan_Madhaiyan , here’s a guide for the app shortcuts.