Who doesn’t love shortcuts?

You asked for ‘em, we made ‘em.
We’ve added 3 to the app to make your life a whooooole lot easier.

You can now
:heavy_check_mark: Scan & Pay with a tap. Literally. Before even opening the app.
:heavy_check_mark: Land directly on the Rewards screen to check out your treasure.
:heavy_check_mark: See your recent transactions.

Long press the Jupiter app icon on your phone to get started. Check out this video for details :point_down:


Hey, New Team Member.

Welcome To Jupiter :upside_down_face:

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Thank you! :star_struck:

I’m glad to be a part of the Jupiter team. Will be helping out the community.


@sobhan06 @Vikram_Singh_Chandel Check this out!

It’s not exactly a widget, but it gets things done faster eh? :rocket:


The best part of these shortcuts is that you can drag and drop shortcuts to your home screen as well - This is almost a one tap UPI payment! Wonder why no one’s talking about that :thinking:

Wish we had widgets in iOS for Jupiter. Scan n Pay would have been super efficient :disappointed: