Auto debit

Any update when can we get debit card auto debit for apps like groww paytm money etc for auto debit of SIP’s


@Gagandeep_Singh Yup. We got some updates on this one :eyes:
We’re aiming to release standing instructions (Auto debits) by mid feb.


That sounds good. As its the only thing missing for me… :smiley::+1:

@Gagandeep_Singh Oh! Just curious, what services do you use for auto debits? Is this just for the ones you mentioned?

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I use it mainly for groww… for my mutual fund sip

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Can’t wait ! Should make life much easier

I need auto debits for netflix and spotify , its a hassle to pay each month manually.
i also need autopay feature for subscriptions on playstore.

Can’t wait! We need our equivalent to compete with FIT rules from Fi money. A beautifully underrated idea, that we definitely can take inspiration from.

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Any further update? Mid feb is now done

Apologies for the delay! We’re gonna include it in the 1st week of March release.


My Spotify didn’t accept Jupiter debit card and told me to switch to any other cards.


Its been around 1.5 months since the delay of auto debit… With this kind of delays i doubt if we would ever see it come alive…

so true… it takes much longer to get much needed features which should be there on day one as compitition is already offering the same since long. sometimes I think I’ll have to switch to other neo bank sooner or later…


Same here… just waiting for an easy way to close the account…

yeah that’s another problem. there is no way to close the account at the moment. On some page I read we need to visit Fed Bank to close it but they refused ot straight away!!

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I use both fi and Jupiter. Which makes me the owner of TWO federal accounts, opened on the same day.

Both Fi n Jupiter work just fine. They share almost similar ways of getting things done. Almost.

Fi has a lot of user friendly features, that I love; but I prefer Jupiter because of the community involvement.

Are we running behind the competition? Yes.
Doesn’t imply the potential isn’t there. Hopefully, we’ll build Jupiter into the app it can be, brick by brick.

Patience, young padawan.


I don’t want to have multiple accounts, already have too many accounts for different purposes. I’ll either have Jupiter or any other better than Jupiter.

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I hear you. It’s not too fun having multiple accounts, that have no use. The least we can have are options to close the accounts.

If Jupiter doesn’t have one yet, they need to get it fixed ASAP. The idea of a neobank is to make it easy, not just onboarding n service, but also closure…