#1 Twitter space | Assemble!

Twitter folks, assemble :bell:

It’s here! Our first Twitter Space chat of the year!
Tune in for some super exciting updates on the Money Pots feature from Vyoma (UX Designer) and Ayushi (Product Manager). :rocket:

:point_right: Monday, January 31st, 2022.
:point_right: 7:30 PM

How to join?
Link to spaces - https://twitter.com/i/spaces/1BRJjnkDyXvJw


I want to see Jupiter On Shark Tank India😉

Jiten might . He is investing in lot of startup these days.

Staying away from unnecessary publicity… :wink:


It’s not a publicity they re investing in a small startup to make it Unicorn in future.

I think you haven’t watched that episode peyush bansal helped Farmer Kamlesh before he never got any investment to launch his innovation now peyush helped him and now he is happy.

I’m inspired by this show and i aslo have a dream to start my own startup.

@CarolinMerces He has Already invested in about 50 startups. What he meant is that it’s not necessary to be on Shark Tank to invest in start ups.

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Anupam Mittal invested in more that 200+ startup now! And 50 is very less.

So Anupam is aslo not necessary to be on shark tank right :sweat_smile:?


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Dude no one said who should appear who should. To appear on a tv show is totally ones personal choice and Jiten doesn’t want to do that atleast now. Maybe in future he will. He appears in different podcasts though. There is a real world out side Shark tank too.
The show is scripted you should be knowing that.
And yes Anupan and every one else will keep on investing whether they are on Shark tank or not. So it’s not necessary to be on Shark Tank to invest on startups. They were investing when Shark tank was not there.

Really?:joy: Show is scripted do you have any avidence? As per you pitcher are aslo scripted right?

Do one thing see any episode of shark tank and search about the pitcher company or app. You will get ok and this apps also are scripted :joy:

Last but not the least. I’m not forcing anyone to be on shark tank and it’s also depends on sony if they want him or not. Thanks.

Psst, here’s the link to join the Twitter space!
Timing - 7:30pm
When? - Monday, Jan 31st, 2022.

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Post discussion time!

For those who joined us, what did you guys think? We had discussions on POTS, a bit on salary accounts, a hint for our new savings challenge in app event and lots more!

We’ll be having more Twitter spaces over the coming weeks with other topic and focus points. Stay tuned for more! :see_no_evil:

We are off to an excellent start for the year with the spaces event we had. Very informative and productive with great ideas and valuable opinions shared by fellow Jupiterians. Ayushi, Vyoma and the moderators did a good job and we like the way you are thinking and taking a good product ahead. Hope @Jiten and @JupiterTeam provide a similar feature set as for pro salary account holders to others who will opt to hold a minimum account balance(purely optional for the user) as there are many students and self employed people who are also your customers. I hope you take this suggestion productively and work on it. Let’s hope for more community events in the near future.


That’s a good suggestion. We’re thinking of other upgrade paths to Pro, and MAB is definitely one of the potential ideas.

It will take us some time to build it in though - so bear with us please. We’ll update you and the community as we progress


Read this. You will know whether it’s scripted or not.


Source : DnA india