#2 Twitter space | How to handle money

In honour of Women’s Day, grab your cup of tea & join us for our second Twitter Space chat where we’ll talk about how women from different fields manage their finances!

:point_right:t3: Date: 8 March’22
:point_right:t3: Time: 8 PM

Link to join spaces


We had an interesting chat on how women deal with their finances! If you missed the spaces, here’s the recording.

We’ll have more spaces coming soon!


The Idea of started on a new Credit Card issue to my journey 2022 …


Getting ‘Could not fetch Space’ error. Sup? :thinking:

It’s recorded as a Tweet on our handle! Are you logged into Twitter or are you trying to hear it without login? Either way, you should be able to hear it. If the link isn’t working out for you, head over to our Twitter handle and check out this post.

It’ll show up like this.


Still seeing the same error. I’m signed in :v:

@Binoy Edited this link. Try now!

Something fishy. I guess it’s the Twitter for Android issue. It works when I try to access it from the mobile web :v:

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