Community update | July 2023 📢

Hello, everyone! :hyper_wave:

We’re back with more monthly updates for July’23 & a recap :bell:

Before we go ahead, just wanted to let you all know that it’s JULY! Yikes, half of the year has passed. Time flies so quickly :mantelpiece_clock:

It feels like it’s February or something. Is it just me? :eyes:

Okay on to the updates, this might take a while. Grab some popcorn :popcorn:

1. Decoupling experience | Jupiter 2.0 :jupiter:

Long story short, with this feature, new users signing up on Jupiter would not be mandated to open a savings account. They can directly avail a loan/On Demand Salary as well! :tada:

Here’s what it would look like in the app. New users would see this when they try to make an account.

We got 50+ testers ready to help us out! Thanks for showing interest and helping @RohanBajaj out :handshake:

The poll has been closed today, we’ll start reaching out to the ones who said yes today. (B and C counted too :slight_smile:

2. Pay to contacts is on its way! :running_man:

Take a look at our good 'ol payments tab. There’s a new icon there. Take a guess? :point_down:

Ah yes, it’s the pay to contacts feature. It will be available to Jupiter labs soon.
If you are a part of the group, you will get early access to test and review Pay to Contacts.

Note: If you have registered for labs and not have been added yet, you will be added before the lab test goes live. Don’t worry, you won’t get missed :test_tube:

Register here for early access :raised_hands:t3:

We reward our members with the best reviews that actually helped the team.
They get :jewel: !

Lab testers, Grab your lab coat and stay tuned :bell:

3. Launching Digital Cancelled Cheque :scroll:

@Shriram just announced the launch of our Digital Cancelled Cheque feature on the app.
For some, this was a long awaited feature and it’s here!

:point_right:t3: Read more about it’s launch and how it works here :point_left:t3:

4. Physical Debit Card design revamp :credit_card:

You heard that right, we’re revamping our design for the card!
Here’s what it may look like:

The new design is similar to that of the Edge Card.
You will see a giant :jupiter: logo on the front side along with the user’s name in front.

It’s not live yet. But soon to be shipped to new users who order the debit card.
Note: Design may be subject to change.

5. Meet the Champions for June 2023 :trophy:


Name - @DigitaL
Role - Champion
Secret role - Fintech Guru :brain:


Name - @Aswin_Benny
Role - Champion
Secret role - Bug Hunter :bug_hunters:


Name - @Abhishek_Ulayil
Role - Champion
Secret role - Agent Coder 007 :computer:

Congratulations on being the Community Champions! Some :gift: are on your way~ :truck:

Read more on how to be a champ :trophy:

Here are some new threads that might interest you :eyes:

What are your thoughts on this? Join the conversation here :speaking_head:

CRED recently launched their in-app magazine :newspaper_roll:
Have you checked it out? More importantly, should Jupiter have its own version? :eyes:

Let us know here :speaking_head:

Well, that’s about it for July, there are a bit more updates but we’ll save it for later.
But seriously, it’s been half of 2023 already. Can’t get over it :face_with_spiral_eyes:

Let us know which one you’re really excited about in the comments below.
Catch you all later :v:t3: