CRED Periscope | Have you read it?

CRED has recently launched their in app magazine :open_book:
It shares actionable insights, noise and interesting stories.

There’s different sections to this.
Tech, movies, finance, games, sports, etc.

Here are some snaps :point_down:t3:

So this goes to CRED folks, What’s your favourite section and would you want something like this for Jupiter? :eyes:


I liked the design of the magazine (is it a webpage embedded inside the app :thinking:).

Most of the contents are summarised, I love it (I am a huge fan of inshorts app)

Jupiter could do something like this. Something finance, tech, trending memes , history today, science, travel…
contents from finforall, charts like those from tickertape insta page etc…


Sure…Would like to have in-app magazine like this. Things like “Fin for All” “Learn with Jupiter” and other blogs can be merged to this magazine along with the latest trends and news in the fintech world. In addition to the common categories like sports, movies and tech (like cred’s), it would be better if there is a section on interesting trivia, facts about Jupiter. (with some stories/experiences shared by both past and present Jupiter employees) :v:t2: :cool_doge:


+1. Did you see the scrolling effect? The transitions were cool.

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Yes :zap:. Cred has their own signature in making things :star_struck::partying_face::partying_face:


The magazine is not for me. There weren’t any elements that really excited me


I honestly don’t find the magazine useful. As for cred, it is a Fintech + lifestyle brand and there is no surprise they would do something like this. What I look forward to is seeing how their magazine fares among their audience.
For Jupiter, I would rather love a tool focused on helping me manage money. Plain and simple. I really am tired of the banners everywhere trying to make me notice new features. I would love to watch any content y’all put up on Instagram or youtube. Or even have a blog. Maybe send an actual newsletter to those who subscribe to it?


Jupiter do have a blog but haven’t seen anyone promoting its content anywhere :sweat_smile:.
Last article was published on June 30 2023

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Yes! Would you prefer articles/posts on the Community regarding this though?

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I refer to the community to help improve the product. If I find some interesting updates or discussions, I hop in to add my points.

For me, learning finance happens through youtube. All content is a single click away. And in a better form (video). I have some trusted sources and I only watch their content. If I cannot find what I am looking for, I reach out to Google or blogs like yours, or fintech blogs that are laser-focused on providing content in a niche category. For example, I was recently learning about tax filing and I preferred to read about it from Quicko and ClearTax’s blogs.

But mixing the blog/magazine in the app or the community seems confusing and cluttery


Ah that makes sense, thanks for sharing!

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Can some one share the copy or screen shot of the periscope for the people who don’t have enough credit score for the cred app.

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@Shawnpinto already shared few snaps

You can have a look at it.


There’s a loooot more, might take tones of screenshots.