Can Jupiter actually become the 1-app for everything money?

I have already moved away from Paytm for checking my multiple savings accounts balances. Thanks to Jupiter’s Money page.

The external mutual funds are also nicely shown using the CAMS export. MFcentral integration would be better as my demat mutual fund holdings are not shown - I understand that this is planned in the upcoming releases. Please note that Fi already does it through MFcentral.

So my bank accounts and mutual funds tracking is already taken care of.

But I still have to check Cred for my credit card bills and IND Money for tracking my stocks & EPF.

I think Jupiter tracks the credit card bills anyways as it is giving me a suggestion to set aside money in pots for the exact credit card bill amount. But this doesn’t show in the “Liabilities” tab.

If Jupiter can bring these 2 features of tracking credit card bills and stocks, it would be great.

I wouldn’t mind giving access to my email for credit card bills and stock broker access for stocks tracking.

Is it too much to ask? Considering most of Jupiter services are free… And these features are Cred and IND Money’s bread and butter.

Also are there any other better Networth trackers similar to or better than IND Money?


After the latest Money tab upgrades, it’s even better.


At least not until they randomly keep freezing the account.

Are you sure that it is not a mistake from the customer’s end? I haven’t faced this account freeze issue so far.

Maybe if someone is trying to game the system, the system will freeze the account. That’s what I understand.

Sometimes tight security is good for us and our money. :slight_smile:

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Well, they did freeze my account and then unfreezed. They are not doing due diligence before blocking.

Maybe for the freeze the system is automated and for the unfreeze it is manual. Just guessing this though…

Hope all this feedback will help Jupiter tweak this system and process.

At least Jupiter is listening to us most of the time. No other bank is known to do that.

Let alone the community. Even the customer care is good. The executives are polite.

The only nitpick that I have is… during the call, before I can process the solution that the executives have given, they’ll ask “Is there anything I can help you with Mr.Alex”. That haste is a bit disappointing for me.

Otherwise the technical knowledge and the way they talk is all excellent.

There have been some executives that don’t fit this description. But most of them do. So it’s all good… :smiley:

And the different chats with the product team members. We get a chance to tell what we feel.

I understand not everything can go from customer feedback to feature. But at least now there is a chance because we have a direct line with the product team by means of Jupiter Community and/or @Research_centre.

Customer feedback is very important for any product or service’s success and Jupiter is willing to get it through different avenues.

+1 on the customer care one. I haven’t had many instances were I had to reach to them, which is excellent on it’s own, however, when I did reach out, most of them are really sweet and considerate. It’s one of the main reasons, along with the community ofcourse, why I trust jupiter so much XD


@Shawnpinto @Jiten Check out IndMoney’s “portfolio reports” section under “profile.” I would appreciate it if Jupiter provided this feature under “Invest” or the tab “External Funds”.

Columns in the excel sheet such as Alpha, My Returns vs Benchmark, Category-Wise Return, and so on are very useful features in tracking portfolios [Debt from PF, PPF & SGB are also included]. You could also consider marrying this report to the “Insights.”

I think this report is available directly from the AA provider, so there is hardly any integration or tech development on Jupiter’s part. Furthermore, this would significantly improve user engagement.

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This is what I was searching for in jupiter


Your Kotak account is linked to jupiter? Because i was not ablw to integrate it. But i was able to integrate my Kotak account with the ind money app and the ind money mutual funds is also good. So, I’m now using that app.

Yeah for some reason, when linking kotak with Jupiter through AA, it says that “banks are on a break”. Weird