Money Management

I have one another idea. That is Jupiter can add a cash option in money section. In this section a feature looks like we put manually how much cash we have. When we spent some cash. We put manually that how much we had spent. It will be a nice feature which not giving by anyone related to banks. But apps like Wallet have this feature but in these apps we can’t communicate to banks. Jupiter can be All in one financial app. In which we manage our all banks and all wallet. Like some hard cash and Some numbers in banks :grin:.
So how’s the idea guys. Please give some suggestion like what things can stop these features to come in Jupiter.
Thank You!


This is pretty cool to track cash in hand, but it’s a lot of manual effort!
@Vipin1 One question. Let’s assume we did have this in the app, how often would you enter/edit the amount? Would it be on a daily/weekly basis?

To help support this, we can have a “set a reminder” to update your amounts, which is custom and set by you.