Budget planner feature

Within the app I also like to have a budget planner inside the app where i can input my salary and do allocation of funds from the salary like rent investment etc, it doesn’t need to have any link with the bank and will also show how much money is in my physical wallet, and if I still have 500 rs in my wallet this month, in the next month salary day this 500 will be added to the salary to show the current amount i got right now.
It may also have the option to reset every month in case someone don’t want to carry forward the money from previous months.

This need not be a main feature, as the aim is to stay inside the app to plan the budget, and then later allocate it in pots or something else


Hai @Akash_p Welcome to the community :v:t2:
The suggestion is :fire:
I noticed that another mode of budget tracker feature has been suggested by another user and it seems to be on Jupiter’s roadmap. Although it may not happen immediately, I am hopeful that Jupiter will introduce this feature in the future, taking into consideration your feedback too :+1:t2:


If it gets enough hype, we’ll have no choice but to prioritize it :eyes:

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Great suggestion @Akash_p - we’re working on this currently. More in the user research and ideation phase!
Would really help to pick your brains on the same, will look to reach out!
cc @saloni


Indie has already launched this feature
So I think time to prioritize and catchup is now. :stuck_out_tongue:


I would like to see this feature on Jupiter and plan my expenses and investments.

Any other takers?

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