Ability to do manual entry for transaction done using cash

So I have been using Jupiter App since few months as my salary gets credited in Jupiter. I was actually reluctant to use Jupiter at first as I was more familiar with Google Pay and trusted it more.

But Jupiter offered one thing that Google Pay didn’t and found myself using Jupiter more more to the point I now only use Jupiter for all my transactions.

That feature was auto-categorisation of transactions regardless from which bank account it was done. I used to do manual budget at end of every month and that was a very tedious task. Jupiter simplified budgeting for me. I can track everything in one place only.

The only thing that this feature lacks is transactions that are done using cash. If only there was a feature where I could manually enter transaction that was done using cash, Jupiter would become the best app for me as far as ease of use in budgeting.

Hope this can be done as soon as possible !