Features to add for the Jupiter app

So Jupiter has many offerings and many of them needs to be perfected.

  1. Bill Payments - Bring support to all the electricity providers and manage bills more efficiently.
  2. Credit Card Bill Repayment - Only few supporting right now.
  3. Add Travel booking.
  4. Account Aggregator is not as useful as you think, the balances takes time to update their cycle but the transactions in each bank account happen on real-time. So instead put balance checking via UPI upfront.
  5. The ability to keep notes to each transaction instead of tags.
  6. The ability to navigate transactions as smooth as phone pe.

The idea is simple, if I have so many apps in my phone which does the same job, I’ll choose the one app which can do everything perfectly and delete the rest and keep it simple.

#bonus: Low balance popup is irritating.