Launching the 'Digital Cancelled Cheque'!

Hey folks!
Shriram here from the Jupiter Account Services team! We’re launching a much awaited feature - ‘Digital Cancelled Cheque’!

## What’s new:

  1. You can now download a PDF version of a Cancelled Cheque from the Jupiter app
  2. You can share this Digital Cancelled Cheque when asked to verify your account details, be it for opening a demat account, for getting a loan, or while applying for an insurance policy
  3. The format of the Digital Cancelled Cheque is based on the cheque issued by our partner bank, along with the cancellation marks

## How can you get your Digital Cancelled Cheque?

  1. You can go to the ‘Your profile’ section on the Jupiter app (by clicking on the hamburger menu on the top right of the home page)
  2. Go to Account Services
  3. Click on Digital Cancelled Cheque
  4. Click on ‘Download PDF’ to get your Digital Cancelled Cheque

This should now be available to some community users. The rest will be getting access to this next week onwards.

Test it out, share your feedback with us here. Thanks all.


Just checked it out. I never felt an issue with it.

Took some time to fully download the file, since I couldn’t find any progress bar for download. I thought I felt the delay to doubt whether it will work or not :sweat_smile:.

BTW is the cheque number a fancy number? (I haven’t used cheques that much)

Thanks for finally launching this much-demanded feature :cool_doge: :cool_doge:
While I can see the option on my app, when clicked on Download PDF, it’s showing an error message “Cheque Generation Failed” “Uh-oh! We could not generate your cheque” We are facing some issues, please try again in a few minutes" and there is a “Request again” button, clicking on which shows the same error.
It was only then that I realized that each time I made a request, a cancelled cheque leaf was actually being downloaded to my phone, taking to a total count of 9 cheque leafs :rofl:

Oh, that should not be happening, will connect with you for some details!

I had similar experience with other options in ‘account services’ so I clicked only once :joy:

Working fine :rocket:


@Shriram Now the error messages are gone…what left is the issue @Aswin_Benny mentioned. The Download button is showing as ‘loading’ even after downloading the cheque.

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Every new feature launch, I’m be like

Please use branch name as registered on RBI website, previous physical cancelled cheque rejected for branch name missing in EPFO website :expressionless:

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The experience on iOS is seamless.

Hey @sani , thanks for this feedback, will connect with you in person to understand this better!

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I will sent you the screenshot.

I am unable to access the “your profile” section.
There appears animation of page loading but nothing happens thereafter.

Do we need to have physical cheque book? In order to see that download cancelled cheque option.

I am a lab tester, still I am unable to see that option.

You don’t require a physical check book for it :thinking:


Are u facing this issue just now or was it happening before :thinking:.
Have you tried reinstalling the app or doing clear data? :slightly_smiling_face:

I am facing this issue for almost a week.

Data Clear: Yes
Uninstalling the app: No

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Note: It’s live for some of the older Community members, it will be made live for the newer ones in the coming weeks.


Please sent an email to :slightly_smiling_face:
Let’s see if anybody else here in the community can help on this matter .

BTW are u using any adblocker :thinking:. I had similar issues with other apps because of certain filters in my adblocker app . Never had any issues with jupiter though :thinking:

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Okay, I will mail the support team.

No, I am not using any kind of ad blocker.

This is the very first time I am having any issue on Jupiter.

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