Cheque Book


How to get Cheque Book On Jupiter Account?.

As per Jupiter we can get cheque book aslo.

It will be better if you guyz add request cheque book option in Jupiter.

Was your account opened?

@CarolinMerces The cheque book is available. Please raise a request through chat for now. Thank you.


I could like to suggest please add option for (cheque book) so that users can raise a request directly.

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@CarolinMerces Yes, in due time. Taking baby steps and making everything as perfect as possible. Thank you for taking the time out to point out :slight_smile:

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Was your account opened?


In cheque book, Can we get Jupiter badging along with federal bank name? Or just a normal cheque book which we usually gets from Federal bank?

What is the MICR code mentioned on the cheque leaves?

I’ve been told in chat that cheque book comes with Jupiter branding and with Jupiter colors.

That’s a cool thing before I never saw this.

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Thanks for the information. :+1:t4:

cost for Cheque book?

Basic kit leaves of 5 free.

1st Time only.

@dilip . To be precise - no charges on the first chequebook of 5 leaves. Additional requests will be charged at ₹3/- per leaf and courier cost of ₹60/- per kit. Chequebook facility is only available for Verified(FKYC Completed) members.

But banks never ask for courier charges.

@CarolinMerces They do and it’s not just courier, there is printing too. Also, it forces users to raise serious requests.


If you are existing customer then login into Fed Mobile app and check there is 3Rs/Per Leaf without any courier charges.

May be Jupiter is shipping the cheque book that’s why they are asking for courier charges.

@Benny I requested cheque book i think almost 2 weeks ago Federal bank has already processed the cheque book I saw this in Fed Mobile App.

But I have not received it till yet.

I ask the Jupiter support team they said Bank already processed the request but I aslo ask for tracking details if possible they said it will deliver it soon!

Anyone has received their cheque book?.

@Benny @Chirag_Heda @Jiten I also made basic kit 5 leaf free cheque book request before two weeks ago i got confirmation from jupiter team they have processed but till now not received & there is no tracking details shared the same from jupiter support.

I asked the same in chat support only 5 days ago.
The chat support agent confirmed that Jupiter branding will also be there in the chequebook.
So, I’m excited about chequebook with Jupiter branding on it.
Has any one of you recived your chequebook yet and if yes please confirm is it true or not?