Do people still use cheque books?

Hey guys,

Just wanted to know more about this. Do people still use cheque books? If yes, why? Isn’t this like an old payment method? Would like to hear pros and cons on why would someone ask for a cheque book, what will you use it for, etc.

Lemme know your thoughts :slight_smile:

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There are still few places (lic,insurance, stock broker…etc) which need passbook or checkbook or account statement for account verification at some point.

Since jupiter didn’t have passbook option and i doubt the email statement will be valid , so checkbook is very much required. So better to have few leaves check. (In fact same, specially for neo banks)

(I went onboard yesterday and requested debit card and checkbook too for this sole reason. Hope will get that soon :slightly_smiling_face: )

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It’s required for some government schemes and Product Finance Cheque Book is required while financing the Product At the Store.

That’s it I think because I use cheque book for this reason only.:sweat_smile:

  1. On Jupiter, max transaction limit is 5,00,000 so cheque is required to make a payment of value more than that.

  2. Cheque leaf contains details like name, account number, ifsc and micr which acts as bank proof and can be submitted to various entities. Jupiter’s current statement does not contain these details, once it does, cheque won’t be required for this purpose.

  3. Ease of use - On app or net banking, one has to add beneficiary details and make sure that it’s correct, there is also waiting time before the beneficiary gets active; with cheque no such issue, mention name of the one making payment to, amount, sign and it’s done. Cheque clearing does take time but it’s simpler process compared to managing beneficiaries.


Ah this makes sense. Thanks a ton guys :slight_smile:
If there’s any more reasons for why people still need/use it, do add on.

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