Revamped Debit Card design

Random charges :rofl: sometimes 15 per month sometimes zero , sometimes account opening charges 599 sometimes waived… Don’t understand what they’re doing…

One problem with the account, they don’t allow to change registered mobile number.

Jupiter giving 3k per year without any fees just maintaining 10k per year.

This is one advantage

Are you talking about the interest? Even HdFc gives the same also 3% of 10K is 300 Rs not 3K. Are is there another way to get 3K?

He is talking about 1% reward system on upi and debit card. Maximum upi reward is 100rs & Maximum debit card reward is 150rs p.m. for pro user. So 250×12 = 3000rs.

Oh ok I didn’t know about that.

No I’m talking about 1 % reward, and if you fixed deposit 10k for 1 year you also received 705 extra ( 6.8 % p.a.)

How…Is it by Jewels?


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the metal card wohuld be better

Hai @Binoj Welcome to the community…
Not soon, but you can definitely see Jupiter offering metal cards in the future. :+1:t2:

Best of luck for your future Debit Card and Credit Card



Ordered a new debit card after I lost the old one . The old design .

Aisa mere saath hi kyu hota hai🥹


I think this may be the issue. This was again confirmed in the July Community Updates. Hopefully, Shawn can provide further confirmation.

I saw a yt vid where they were unboxing the new card. Sup with that?

edit: here is the vid

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@monologuing Thanks for the video :v: That means it’s live.
@Jhaesque So, when did you actually order it?

No worries :))


I forget the exact date. Few weeks ago.

Just got word from the team.
The old Debit Card design will be paused soon and the new ones should be ready.

The old stock needs to be finished. (Almost done) - Though, we’ve already started shipping the new design. Soon, all future users would be getting it.


fingers crossed i get it too, mine will be delivered on 4th :sob: