Jupiter 2.0 | Decoupling experience ✨

Hello Community :wave:t3:

We have a big update for everyone - it’s called Jupiter 2.0 or decoupled experience.

What is it? :thinking_face:

With this feature, new users signing up on Jupiter would not be mandated to open a savings account. They can directly avail a loan/On Demand Salary as well! :tada:

Here’s how it would look like in the app. New users would see this when they try to make an account.

Would this affect existing users?

Not really. However, if you have already opened a savings account, you will see 2 tabs above.
(Account / Loans)

Meeting and testing :handshake:t3: :test_tube:

We are in the final phase of our testing and are excited to bring the feature first to friends and family of our community users.

We need your help onboarding a few new users for the newer set of features. We’d love for you to refer new users who are not yet on Jupiter to check out our internal app which we share and get on a short call with us.

This can be done either in person at our Bangalore office, or over a short zoom call!

Jewels for helping us test :jewel:

We will reward the referrer with Rs. 500 worth of Jewels! (For every new user you get for testing)
If you’re interested, let us know in this poll:

  • A) Count me in!
  • B) A)
  • C) B)
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Can’t wait to connect with you all :slight_smile:


Let’s go ahead in person at Blr Office :blush: would love to meet the amazing folks

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The poll options… LOL


I knew that the Jupiter just want to become a loan app.

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Hai sir @RohanBajaj.
Welcome to Jupiter Family as well as to the Community :star_struck: :star_struck:
Since everyone my friends circle has Jupiter, It may be hard for me to find a new user, however, I’ll still try my best to get a few :v:t2:


Aap ko ham.maill Kiya tha bat aap ne kuchh jabab bhi Nahi diye handi Mai vejne ke liye

@here Thanks for voting everyone!
We’ll start picking a few folks at random and ask you for available timings to connect through DMs.

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Hey guys, I was a bit late to see the poll and it has already closed, however I’d also like to invite some people to the app to test this out. Please let me know if this is possible, thanks :slight_smile:

@iTcxic Yup! There’s still some spots left. I’ll let you know.

@Shawnpinto Great, thanks!


Dear sir mujhe handi Mai bataye to aamjh pate aap ko.handi ke liye ham kaee bar maill kiye aap ne kuchh jabab bhi Nahi diye

Maill. Kiye the aap me jabab Nahi diye

@gautam_kumar1 agar aap google translate ka upyog karke Yahan translated text post Karen to aasani hogi

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