How could we improve your experience with the networth feature?

Hey guys,

Just wanted to hear your thoughts on this.

I personally use the net worth feature to check my total balances as I have multiple bank accounts linked. I like the fact that I don’t have to click on the tab itself as it shows the total balance of all linked bank accounts on the home screen itself.

Possible add ons could be allowing us to choose which bank account can show the balance from the list of linked accounts. Maybe like a toggle? Instead of unlinking the bank account itself.

Let us know your suggestions for improvement! :slight_smile:


While using jupiter
I just hide the networth feature.

But I found that there is no way to unhide networth feature again.:thinking:
Please fix it :pray:
Thank feature is so cool.
I want to unhide networth feature.


Actually I didn’t like this feature. They have found my account in DBS Bank which is now closed :lock: and showing the balance.

If some unknown person access my Jupiter. Account then he/she can find my other balance in ABC Banks.

No Feature to Hide the Other Bank Balance


The net worth which is shown in the app doesn’t depict the exact amount you have in all your saving accounts.

And it ask you to give a missed call from your registered mobile number to refresh the balance in your respective saving account.

And currently it doesn’t support saving accounts of some Banks.

Instead of this if you could show the account balance through UPI pin it would be great just like In Paytm app.


Agree with @CarolinMerces and @DEBASISH_SAHU
I don’t find networth feature of much use. Also more customisation options are needed as well as balance update by upi.


@Dhruv What kind of customisations would you like? :thinking:

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  1. Add or remove bank accounts as per need. Can use Hide option in place of Remove.
  2. Balance update by UPI.
  3. Manual account addition and balance updation for those accounts which are not detected from sms.

@Dhruv Regarding the 3rd point, could you let us know which bank accounts do you use that did not get detected by SMS?

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@DEBASISH_SAHU @Dhruv I’m kinda clueless on how the account balance is updated through UPI pin :see_no_evil:

How is it done exactly?

You can try it yourself in the Paytm app itself. While checking balance of one of your savings account in Paytm, after entering the UPI pin for one savings account you can see the balance of that particular Savings account and when you check the balance of another saving account at that time you can clearly see the balance of both of your savings account at the same time.
I’m attaching a screenshot here


Oh got it. @DEBASISH_SAHU Thanks.
So if we refresh the balance via UPI, it’s more accurate than SMS? Since it’s real time?
Also, lemme know how often do you manually refresh your balance via UPI on other apps. Or is it done automatically?

If we need to refresh the balance then everytime we need to enter the UPI Pin and I could prefer refresh balance via UPI normally I check my balance via Paytm within a second they show the correct balance.

@CarolinMerces That’s what I thought too. Refreshing the balance via UPI manually sounds better than calling the bank. It’s quicker.

@DEBASISH_SAHU That’s a lot of bank accounts! How do you keep track of all of them? :astonished:

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Yes, it’s a quick process for UPI. calling bank for Balance it’s required a Active Plan On Bank Registered Number

IN UPI it’s only required the Internet which Wifi gives you that’s it🙂

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@Shawnpinto I don’t actually keep my money in Payments Bank accounts and majority of my savings are with the popular Banks.

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@Divyaansh_Agarwal Have you been using the networth feature? :thinking:


I think that’s not enabled on iOS as of now. But iOS app is so ironed out it’s really good.

Networth isn’t on iOS! But something else is coming up instead.

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My Paytm bank balance is not shown. (I might have removed it earlier, cant recall)
There might be other banks as @CarolinMerces pointed out.

I understand that this feature is designed for tracking bank balances, but its utility will enhance if extended to other money stores, along with manual updation.
Ex. I have significant topup on amazon pay balance, which is not shown.
Would be nice to have FD details as well.

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As far as I know, NPCI doesn’t allow UPI apps to save account balance. It can be shown once only, in real time, by UPI apps.

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