(Completed) Lab test #1 - Updated Insights & Networth feature (Account Aggregator)

Hey everyone!

This will be our very first lab test together. Let’s start off with testing out the new Networth & Insights (you can link your other bank accounts too!)

Edit: AA is now live for all users! :rocket:

We’ve released this feature for some of the community members and those who had registered for @Jupiterlabs .
More info on Jupiter labs here.

What we need your help in understanding:

  1. What did you expect the feature to do? Did it deliver the same?
  2. How does the flow feel? Did you get stuck somewhere?
  3. Did you face any issues? If yes, where in the journey?
  4. Do you think this adds value to you? If not, why?

For those who want to read up more on what Account Aggregator is, here you go:

  1. Account Aggregator Participants | Account Aggregator Third Party Providers
  2. account aggregators: How account aggregators can bring an era of democratised credit - The Economic Times
  3. Account aggregators putting the customer in charge - PwC India

Test it out for a bit, let us know what you think about it! You can reply to this topic below.

Let the testing begin! :test_tube:


So when I first clicked on the prompt, it showed me the three slides and then a blank page. After I restarted the app I could get to the OTP page.

However after entering the OTP it can’t seem to find my bank account. I have one supported bank account (HDFC) with the same number as the one registered with Jupiter.


I clicked on that from Money tab. It goes to screen with OTP to enter. I have enter it.

  1. It took very long time to get results of bank we have.
  2. It is not showing HDFC bank in list even if I have account with same mobile number.
  3. It is showing ICICI Bank in list but when clicking on that nothing happen for first time. I didn’t try second time

Can we have hide balance option similar to home page?


I have successfully linked my Kotak Bank to networth .
The process went quite smooth . Only finding bank account taken longer time .

After successfully linking networth , the insight for past 6months has been displayed in one frame , given all the details , number of transactions made in 6 months and even graph chart .

After this i closed jupiter app and re opened then I cant able to see that insight again . I am able to see monthly insights in money tab but there is no such option to see the 6 month insights which displayed after successfully linking bank account .

Its better to give selected option to display insight of past 6months in one frame .


Even I am facing same problem. It will show consolidated data only first time. It will not show it again if you close and open the application


Could anyone please guide me where is this option?
Is this concerned with the ‘Networth’ option showing under the Money tab?

Edit : Got it…will share the experience soon

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I get the following error after entering Finvu’s OTP into the Jupiter app.

"Banks are on a break

Seems like the bank account you’re trying to connect is temporary not available. Please try again later."

I am receiving the same error I tried on the Retry option.


A needed or revolutionary feature for credit and insights - Account aggregation.
This is a good thing that you show Securely encrypted, Shield sign this gives users a safe feel.

I tested the features here are my reviews

  1. Unable to find and link aggregator powered banks especially AU small finance bank in my case. Working fine with kotak 811.

  2. Unable to read balance of supported bank, Bank of Baroda.

Its a quick review. More details (if any) after use few days


I think, I felt the same too. I had a kotak account, OTP was fast, took some time to generate report and when it was generated after 5-6 minutes of inactivity, jupiter app refreshed itself and couldnt see any insights other than just bank balance.

As a feature, it will good if i could get IFSC and account number on clicking the bank info (I dont know if its possible or not) +

Support of more banks are required


I just finished checking this updated feature and my experiences are listed below:

  • As many of my friends here already commented, the linking process is so fast and simple. The OTP gets automatically entered within a flash and thus everything goes so smooth at the very beginning.

  • Even though, many of the account balances are updated in real-time, some are not updated or shows balance of many months back (@Aswin_Benny have already pointed out this issue in some other thread)

  • The total consolidated balance in the Networth section includes balances of bank accounts which are not in name. For example, I am using a dual sim phone, and the second sim is linked with my Mother’s bank account, which is created merely for the purpose of bank subsidy transfer. This too will comes under my consolidated balance/account as per the Networth section.

  • Coming to the insights section, the list of banks supported is only a few which in turns is a limitation. I connected my HDFC bank account and am loving this feature.

@Shawnpinto @JupiterTeam


Just tried adding KVB bank but funnily the bank sends 8 digit OTP while Jupiter’s AA is asking only 6 digit OTP :smile::smile: so no luck here. But added icici bank. And the process flow was quite smooth.

But I don’t find the AA much useful to me. It’s bit of an overkill for me.


How secure is this ? and what about privacy?

its like giving access to all of our bank/loan accounts :thinking:

  1. I expected to see an almost live view of my account status’ with other banks and balance. Appears to be working just fine!

  2. The setup was easy, but didn’t work the first time. Had to try it a couple of times for the AA to pick up my account. Beyond that, it’s pretty easy to access.

  3. Besides the setup? Yeah, the lack of banks are a tad annoying. I use standard chartared the most. Couldn’t find it in the list. Had to try ICICI as I had an account several years ago with them.

  4. Absolutely! I hope to see more such awesome stuff from Jupiter in the near future. Itd be cool, if we could also somehow track our credit scores with AA in the near future.

This! Id also like the option to hide the account balance during “scan & pay”. There have been times when I had people looking over my shoulder as I attempted to pay via QR codes, and having my balance out in the open wasn’t cool.

Hey - so you should be able to see a toggle to hide these balances from home on the Networth page. Is it not visible?

Lovely, appreciate the feedback :smiley:
2. Got it, we’re double clicking into this.
3. I understand the frustration. Banks are getting added to the AA network slowly since it’s still pretty new & advanced tech. Hopefully more banks register soon!
4. Yes, more institutions are registering to be a part of the AA network. However, you should still be able to track your credit score through the Loan tracker feature - have you tried it out?


@nateavi Hey, there’s an option to hide the balance during Scan & Pay - can you help with version & device details, I can connect the right team to dig deeper?

Yep, I do see my credit score in the app > money tab.

@Sainath_Gupta Hey Sainath! Your data is securely passed from your bank to Jupiter via Finvu (our Account Aggregator partner, licensed by the RBI). FinVu does not have access to your data, neither can they read anything.
We will only fetch your account data if you consent to it - which you can revoke almost any time.
Idea is to give you a one view of all your finances and help you feel in control of your money movement while accessing data securely (unlike methods such as screen scraping)

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

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