Account aggregator Integration in jupiter

Hi everyone !

I have one suggestion, to track bank balances with 100% accuracy, why doesn’t Jupiter integrate with an account aggregator like Setu or Finvu?? Right now I believe the process that is followe to fetch bank balances(and in turn calculate networth) is to read sms’s sent by the bank that contains the balance information. However this approach is not accurate as we all know. But with an account aggregator we will be able to fetch the balance with 100% accuracy ! Let me know what you guys think :smiley:

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Hey @tanuj05 ,

We have already developed the facility to track bank balances and other information via secured AA framework (via Finvu). It’s rolled out to certain set of customers, and we are gradually rolling it out to others as well.

Apart from bank balances, let us know what all information would be useful to you when you have your other bank accounts linked on Jupiter.


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@Lakhan_Suchdev is sbi supported by finvu yet?


Unable to link my other bank accounts in Jupiter Account Aggregator. An error is showing from the last 15 days. @Shawnpinto

@saurabhsaha Which bank account are you trying to link? :thinking:
Let us know what error shows up.

indusind Bank and the error is connecting other account (we’ll notify you once it done). You can see the error in above mentioned screenshot.

Have you tried to relink the account? :thinking:

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I already tried to relink the account, but the same error is still showing

Let’s get this checked @saurabhsaha
Pinging you on DM :space_reading:

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SBI is not live yet, but process from their side for integration in the AA framework has started. It would take few months for it to be live.

We need Federal bank in there. Curious why they haven’t opted for account aggregator tech yet.