Account aggregator not working

So I opened my Jupiter account a few days back and connected my HDFC bank account. The account aggregator still shows the same balance from the time I opened the account. I did connect with the support team and received little help. They’ve asked me to wait till 28th now but I saw some open issues in this forum on the same topic so I thought I’ll see if I can get any help here.

The funniest part is I moved some funds from my HDFC bank account to my Jupiter account and since the balance of the former was unchanged, my networth shows an addition on the amount of the moved funds. This is a huge bug.

As far as I’m concerned, the dashboard is the USP of Jupiter over other neobanks and as such, this needs a quick resolution asap.


Hi @mhdbilal we are facing delays from the bank side, specifically HDFC, in getting the transactions information via Account Aggregator. We are working with our partner to resolve this.

You can check updated balance of your other accounts from the Payments tab, if you have linked it to the Jupiter UPI.

At the same time, we are working to enable other modes of getting the updated balance to reflect on the dashboard.

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Hello @The_But

We will check for your Bank of Baroda account balance.

Can you try for Finvu OTP again?

@Lakhan_Suchdev can we also work with federal bank? The data isn’t loading up in my networth info.

For context, I’ve been staring at this screen for the past two days.

Unsure if others on this thread have experienced this. There is a delay in the transaction history of transactions from the Jupiter account getting updated as well. Before posting this message, i made payments on Cred and Cube via UPI from the Jupiter account and they are not reflecting in the transaction history. I did receive the transaction confirmation SMS. The other issue of account balances and transactions not getting updated with accounts from HDFC Bank seems to be known issue.

It is 31st may 2023 today and the issue is still there, update account balance and transaction(not a single) not showing in Jupiter. I even checked in the Finvu app separately. SBI and HDFC data are not showing. Onemoney however, was able to fetch data for SBI.

@Aniket_Singh There seems to be a delay in the data either getting updated or getting shared by the banks. For my HDFC account, there are transactions post-28th May that are not reflecting.

Issue is not with the banks. It’s with Finvu as other aggegators getting the data from the same banks correctly. Tried onemoney. Looked perfect.

Hey @Aniket_Singh there could be issue from a specific bank. Can you share your mobile number? we can check once.

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Kotak and SBI which I reported to you months back still show duplicate and missing transactions @Lakhan_Suchdev . Any timeline for their resolution?

Not sure if I should share my personal info in a public forum.

You can use the messaging (DM) option

Not a specific bank, I believe the problem is at AA. The whole AA implementation is full of bugs and has major performance issues.