Account Aggregator is not working properly

It has been over several days now, since the Jupiter app is showing:

“Connecting your accounts”. We will update you once it’s done.

The balance was last updated on 1st Aug, and nothing after that. I cannot try to connect my indusind savings account. but, the option to add account in Jupiter is stuck at “Connecting your accounts”.

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Only few banks give consent to share customer data (after customers permission) with account aggregators. For most of the banks, account aggregation feature in app still uses SMS based balance.

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@saurabhsaha Did you not get any new SMS’s for those accounts after August 1st? :thinking:

The text of this thread is basically a copy-paste from Bank Balances (Account Aggregator) never really worked for me

But the issue is same. It is stuck at “Connecting the Accounts” making it a dead end.


Yes, i recived some transactional messages for those savings accounts

I am using account aggregator on Paisabazar website & application (Android) and although they don’t ask for any access to my sms or call history, the AA is correct almost all the times.
So better shift there till Jupiter AA becomes more correct and functional.

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If you are looking for alternatives, then IndMoney is very stable now as well.


@saurabhsaha The balance cannot get updated if the users revoke their FinVu consent.
Let me know if you’ve revoked it :blob_thanks:

I did not revoke any consent in finvu

@Shawnpinto there should be an option to correct the balance for those bank accounts, which banks doesn’t support Account Aggregator framework. Then, it become more useful for us. Also add an option to link other bank accounts manually.


So I tried connecting my Fi account to Jupiter, since federal bank supports AA…. Allegedly.

But in typical fed bank fashion, it doesn’t work.
Both in Fi and Jupiter. I’ve been staring at the “connecting accounts” screen for the past two days.


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I defintely feel this is an important point. I am using the AA service for the past one month and here are my observations

  1. SMS Fetching is absolutely okay as some banks like SBI have not given AA option to its users. I like the UI as well. But it has to be accurate and sometimes the refresh doesnt happen even after reciving the SMS.

  2. Mutual funds are not tracked rightly from CAMS. There were few mutual funds which were not auto detected.

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Hi @vijay.balaji

Thanks for sharing your feedback!

  1. For the balance refresh is it a problem only with SBI or any other bank as well?
  2. Can you share more details like your numbers & missing mutual funds on DM?
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Fi has now support to SBI. Does jupiter have it now? Haven’t seen it

Hi, @Aswin_Benny we have recently enabled SBI on Jupiter. You can try connecting your account & give us feedback if there are any issues.


I saw the option on trying to connecting the account loading completed but app relaunched instantly. Now it is showing generating insights but balance is not showing.

Let me wait some time. in Fi and connecting other accounts in Finvu, account balance gets fetched instantly and other insights takes time

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I am noticing that all my transactions are not being pulled from the SBI account which is connected with AA.
Updated to date and the transactions are missing.
Please have a look into this.
@Shawnpinto @Lakhan_Suchdev @Simranjit_Bakshi @Jiten

Hi @specter, we are facing issues in getting transactions from SBI.

Can you confirm what is the date where your transactions are updated? We can check once at our end.

Today early morning it was updated.
Even yesterday’s some transactions were missing.
Last month transactions too.
To check, I have unlinked it and trying to relink again.
Not able to do it. When I enter the OTP I received, it’s showing me that OTP is not correct. Tried multiple times.
Too much mess it is. @Lakhan_Suchdev

Not only SBI, I noticed issues in Kotak connected account too.
In SBI, transactions were missing.
In kotak, transactions are reflecting multiple times.
The insights for connected account is in a total mess. Please correct it.
With all these errors, the feature is not worthy at all to use.
@Lakhan_Suchdev @Shawnpinto

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