Account aggregator issue

I am not able to link my Kotak Bank account. I am not able to get the OTP from Finvu. It is stuck in this screen. Raised this issue in chat but little help :frowning:

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Similar issue, but my problem is the account balance is not refreshed since last 15 days.

We’re on it! :mag:
@The_But @Abhishek_Ulayil @Aniket_Sharma folks, are you facing this issue with Kotak bank specifically?

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My last update with AA was on Jan 1, 2023. Twas the day I linked my Fi account to Jupiter. It hasn’t updated since then.

Wondering how this works. Thought it would be like an auto daily balance pull.

After a long time kotak bank refreshed and synced balance and transactions today.

Yes I was able to connect with my Kotak Bank today.

Thanks for confirming folks @Aniket_Sharma @Abhishek_Ulayil :grin:
Let’s still keep an eye on this.

Just as all things Federal, they do take their sweet time to keep my balance updated through AA.


For context, I added my Fi account (Federal) to Jupiter through AA on Jan 1, 2023. Hasn’t updated the balance since. And today’s Jan 12.

I certainly miss my android phone and how SMS based balance updates used to work pretty well.

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Unable to link kotak bank…

@dipesh22 are you getting some error?

Is your mobile number linked to the account you are trying to add to Jupiter?

I had some error while adding my ICICI account to Jupiter. Some digging revealed that my phone number was delinked from my account. Updating it by visiting the branch sorted it out and I was able to add my ICICI account to Jupiter.