No OTP from FINVU! Problem with aggregate account balance

I am not receiving any OTP from finVu.
I am not able to link my other bank accounts to get aggregate bank balance in assets section.
I confirmed with my mobile service provider (Jio) and they said everything is alright from thier end.
Please fix the OTP error from FINVU.
Also Not able to link other bank account in money section.


Which bank??

i have uco bank it’s not working for me

I don’t think Jupiter can do anything here.
Finvu is a separate company (aggregator)

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I’m also facing the same problem

Actually I am receiving but after an hour

@alec this could an issue from the account aggregator’s end. Yet, if you continue to face these delays in receiving the OTP, it is imperative you report this via the support channel. This ensures the issue is assigned a ticket# and it is tracked to closure

Ya I know this issue is from the finvu end but I thought jupiter will contact them instead of em.


Alec, the Jupiter team can assist you on this when the issue gets reported via the support channels. Helps them better track open issues

Or maybe I should just wait

By the way not receiving otp for the debit card payment is also a issue

There is a delay. I tried making a payment on CheQ. The SMS OTP was delayed. OTP on email was instant

That is an option. Reporting ensures issues if any get addressed.

I have also been experiencing this issue for the last 1-2 months, and it seems to be related to the SIM card (even though they say everything is fine). I have discovered that by turning on and off the flight mode after making a debit card transaction, I can receive the OTP instantly. My SIM card is from Airtel, but I also have a Jio SIM which some people have had trouble reaching, despite having a full network signal. However, I have found that the same method works for the Jio SIM as well. Kindly request you to try this once.

I faced the same issue earlier. I would suggest you to report the issue to Finvu support as Jupiter cannot resolve the issue as it is from Finvu’s end. I reported this issue to Jupiter for about 3 months but it was not resolved then I contacted finvu, then my issue was resolved within 5 days.

Hi @alec, we would need your number to check this. DMing you.

@Lakhan_Suchdev For me even deleted accounts transactions are being appeared.
Ideally there should be no residue right??