Unable to add and get insights of SBI bank account

When I added the account it is showing “Adding account transaction and generating Insights”. It has been more than 24 hrs now. This issue hasn’t been resolved. Also I will attach the screenshot of the bug.


Hey Rinoy! Your reaction is absolutely valid. However, I’m pleased to share that we’ve already started troubleshooting the issue. We should be in a position to share an update with you very soon. Appreciate your time and patience in the interim.


For my account, it took weeks to show :joy::joy::joy:

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Onemoney the AA have some issues

Hey, AA took long time to Linking of SBI Account. NOW ITS SUCCESSFULLY LINKED.

SBI- Balance showing correctly.
But SBI Banks Transactions are not showing like others bank.

Page Showing-
“NO Transaction Yet”


for me finvu is not sending otp in jupiter finvu app is working fine


They need some time to show the collected data

is finvu in jupiter app not sending otp to me only or it’s for everyone ???

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For me it’s sending me OTP