Bank Balances (Account Aggregator) never really worked for me

It has been over 10 days now since the app is showing:

“Connecting your accounts”. We will update you once it’s done.

The balance was last updated on 1st Aug, and nothing after that. I cannot try to reconnect the accounts, but the option to add account is stuck at “Connecting your accounts”.

Hi Arjun,

Can you share your phone number for login? We’ll get this checked.

Shared in DM.

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Your bank SMS maybe deleted or SMS reading permission not be given

I am on iOS, so the SMS reading thing is completely out of the picture.

Account Aggregator is still broken really bad for me.

Somewhere it says “fetching”, somewhere it says “Connecting accounts”, somewhere it says “Connect Other Accounts” and if try to then I do not get any OTP. Real mess

@Lakhan_Suchdev @Shawnpinto

Hey @Arjun_Salyan that should not have happened. We’ll look into this.
I’ll ping you if anything comes up.


@Arjun_Salyan For this one, could you send us a screenshot of the insights screen?
And let me know your current app version. I believe earlier you’ve mentioned it was v1.6.9 on iOS.

Already shared all the details and screenshots with @yashwantkeswani . No luck yet

Ah! But you haven’t shared the insights screen yet. Could you share that one?

Shared in DM.

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