Bank Insights Not Working through Account Aggregator

When I access the insights using Home > All bank balances > HDFC / IDFC, I am unable to click on See All under Recent Transactions and Check Insights. Those links are not working. Screenshot is attached.

I can access the insights from Money > See detailed insights without any issues.

If this is non-functional through the All bank balances route, maybe Jupiter can consider removing the Check insights & Recent Transations options under the individual bank pages.

I could access those links :thinking:. Try clearing data and retrying.
Else mail to they will fix those issue :upside_down_face:

I also had this thought.

So I have cleared data multiple times before reporting it here.

Also I am disappointed that a post is marked as “Solution” even before the person who has raised it has confirmed that the suggested solution worked.

May I request not to mark a thread as “Solution” without confirmation with the OP.

@alexnazy while reporting the issue to the support team, try and record a video using a different phone and share it with them. This helps in tracing the bug.

Yup. I’ll do that. Thanks.

Hey Alex, we’re sorry for your experience.

Could you share the device, platform, and OS details of the phone you’re using so the team can reproduce and resolve this?

I’m having the same issue too. I have reported it months back but no resolution provided yet.

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Device: Iqoo 9 SE
Platform & OS: Android 13

@Simranjit_Bakshi By the way, I’ve has this issue for a long time.

I just assumed that it’s a bug in the app. :grin: