Networth with Account Aggregator πŸ“Š

Is Federal Bank on the list?

Yes! @nateavi
Updated list:


How secure is this ? and what about privacy?

its like giving access to all of our bank/loan accounts :thinking:

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Wohoo Finally, any ETA when this is rolling out?


When it will available for IOS.

@here We’ve released Account Aggregators for few community members + members who have registered for Jupiter labs!

Please send us your feedback here:


Ahh, gotcha.

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How Can I sign up for using this feature? I have been waiting for this feature to show up for so long.

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Hey, @Shawnpinto It’d be helpful, if you announce the general availability of a lab test feature. As, a beta tester, it’s hard to follow the wider releases otherwise.

@Binoy If a user has been added to the lab group, all lab tests should be available to them. 1st, 2nd and the recent 3rd test.

Sometimes folks say they can’t see it yet. This could happen if the app isn’t updated or could be something else.
@Arjunm In your case, do you have the latest app version?

Yes, my app is in v1.5.46. And also I have not received any message notifying I have been enrolled in the lab group.

Hey! @Arjunm I noticed that you’ve registered yesterday.
We update our group every week. You’ll be added and notified soon.

More info here - Introducing Jupiter Labs πŸ§ͺ

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Bro, I meant to say, wider release as in a stable rollout to all the users. The app update description is still not properly updated. It would hardly takes 10 mins, yet! :man_shrugging:t2:

Hi there!
How can I get this Account Aggregator reflected in my Jupiter?

Hi @svineels,

You can check the option of connecting other accounts on your consolidated bank balances screen & also the spending insights screen.

If you are not able to see it, pls share your registered number with us, and we will check on our end if there is any issue.


Sure. DMed you the registered mobile number.

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My AA accounts were refeshed last on 11 Nov. Till now they have not refreshed. Shouldn’t they be refreshed once on a daily basis? Is this a bug? @Shawnpinto @Lakhan_Suchdev

They should have been refreshed :blobthink:
Yes, it happens once a day.

You did make new transactions right? @svineels

Yup. I did make new transactions.

We will get this checked for you. I’ll let you know if anything comes up. :slight_smile:

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