Jupiter App UI

@Shawnpinto The horizontal scrollable card’s of jupiter are bit difficult to scroll. There is no easiness in it.

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@Aswin_Benny I’ve tried this on some devices, and it seemed smooth enough. :blob_think:
Is it possible to screen mirror and record it from your phone?

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@Shawnpinto I will try. I am not at my home. Will record soon as i reach home :ok_hand:

It scrolls smoothly when i hold and scroll. A simple slide wont do the job

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Thanks! :grin:

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Yeah, it’s a dark UI rn. It better be a bug, otherwise I’ll have to judge the design team for this weirdo :stuck_out_tongue:

The dark UI was intentional. Not a bug! :typing_bot:
It’s just a sneak peek at what’s about to come. Full app maybe? :eyes:

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I second this. At least the one I tried in the Jewel’s UI was not easy :eyes:

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Not sure if I’m on a beta channel. If not, why throw such design inconsistencies to the stable release in the name of sneak peek’s? It’s such an eye sore! :eyes:

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The dark UI fits right in though! We did mention that dark UI will be screen by screen (For now)

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We wanted to start it off with rewards since it’s an isolated section in the app.

I don’t subscribe to this idea. Introduce this as a lab test or on a closed beta. Not on your stable release :roll_eyes:

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Oh, that’s what you meant. Ay’, let’s have the lab/community folks check it out for the next screens?
What do you say?


Yeah, that should be the play book imo. It hurts to see design inconsistencies on a wider release. However small the change be. It leaves a bad taste :yum:

@Shawnpinto add a switch button for dark /light mode.

Some people might not like it. Well i like the dark mode. I use dark mode for everything iny phone.

But my parents like light mode with 100% brightness :smiling_face_with_tear:.

@Aswin_Benny You’re right about the swiping issue for the cards on the rewards page.
Thanks for highlighting this! We’ll get this fixed soon. Also, sending you some :gift: in return :bug_hunters:

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Thnx :heavy_heart_exclamation:

There should be a proper Dark mode for the Jupiter app.


When can we expect networth feature on IOS???

@Yatheesh It’s going to be AA (Account aggregator) instead :slight_smile:
We’ve released this to our Lab members first for testing - Lab test #1 - Updated Insights & Networth feature (Account Aggregator support - early release)