UI issue- found this odd

Found this while I opened my Jupiter app today.

The Ui looks a tad messy. And nope it doesn’t fade away.

Version: 1.5.47

@nateavi Yikes! That doesn’t look right :sweat_smile:
One of our team members faced the same thing. We’re working on a fix.

This should be back to normal soon.
Thanks for letting us know though! :blob_thanks:

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I got this on Android too. It then disappeared after a few secs though.

@here is anyone facing this right now? We’ve rolled a fix last night.

All good now. And, I see a new colorful footer :grinning::v:

Yepppp! Just added it on - Lab test #2 - Home page “Do more with Jupiter” revamp 🏠 - #46 by Shawnpinto

There’s more, hold up. Sharing some revamped screens. :stuck_out_tongue:


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