Jupiter 2.0 redesign | Introducing a new experience

Hello Community,

It’s a new financial year, and we’re entering it with an all-new look.

While the idea of a redesigned app has always been on the cards, the team started working on it in November 2023. 6 months and 600 screens later, we’re ready to go live with a Jupiter that’s bolder, more confident, and true to our mission of improving the financial wellness for millions of people.

Introducing Jupiter 2.0 :jupiter:

After countless iterations, mini fixes, and some mighty overhauls, here’s a look at everything’s that changed.

The interface is smoother and faster, illustrations are bolder, typography is modern & unique, and key numbers are in the spotlight.

But there’s more to come, so keep an eye on your Jupiter app.

Ok Jupiter, show me the new colour palette :art:

To give you a picture, these are the colours we’ll mostly be known for :point_down:

Let’s break it done, shade by shade. The stark white has been paired with a warm beige. This is a easier on the eyes, even if you’re looking at your screen in maximum brightness.

We also introduced teal, light green, yellow ochre, and darker greys in our palette. These act as pops of colour, without being overwhelming.

The iconic spacefire orange still remains, but in accents and highlights.

While the Jupiter app you knew and loved was bright and playful with a unique space them, the Jupiter we’ve now created is modern, confident, and focused completely on tools for your financial wellness.

But why did we redesign the app? :blobthink:

  1. A consistent and seamless user experience: As you move from one screen to another, across Pots, investments, loans, or credit card – the app now feels like parts of a whole rather than disconnected parts.

  2. Trust & transparency: The new app brings key numbers, data, and insights at the forefront of your experience. This is to encourage a transparent relationship with your money.

Here’s a recap of everything we accomplished over 6 months:

Early access to Jupiter 2.0 :raised_hands:

As we roll out the new and improved design for our app, we’re hosting a bug bash at our Bangalore Headquarters.

We need your eagle eyes and brilliant minds to help us spot any pesky bugs that might have slipped through the cracks.

Event details:
:pushpin: Jupiter HQ Location - https://maps.app.goo.gl/KeZkVrthULc8eCep9
:stopwatch: Time - 2:30pm to 5pm
:spiral_calendar_pad: Date - April 18th, 2024

Spots are limited and there are rewards in store!
We’re giving away 2500 Jewels :jewel: each to members who come and help us test the new and improved app.

To join, please register here - https://forms.gle/QmkGKbSDEXtsEn9h7
Once you fill out the form, @Nidhi_Balaji from the team will coordinate with you.

Share your thoughts and feedback about Jupiter 2.0 in the comments!
Stay tuned for more updates about the rollout!


Kindly work on kyc it’s a very hectic process

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Not good updation colour


Color scheme looks extremely ugly. People will go blind with this color scheme. We’re in 2024, dark mode in apps are pretty common. And here we’re making the apps more and more brighter. The bottom bar black looks out of place lol, from the above white screen.

Would strongly suggest to NOT ship this color scheme. I will close my Jupiter account instantly if this is shipped. @Aayush_Jain

Might look decent in dark mode not sure, can’t visualise without seeing some mocks.


Is it just me or the current one looks better compared to the new one. The colour scheme of the new theme looks dull, also it now has more sharper edges.

Personally I liked the style of older one, it just needed enhancement and not complete redesign in my opinion.

But I am sure the team will improve upon the design like they did with the older one


Dude. Please prioritise pot redesign. Simple changes can be very helpfull.
Frequent pot (non super pot) users regularly withdraw money, Checking transactions. It’s 2 or 3 steps away.

Allow Pinning regularly used pot on top or atleast push the super pot down as it may not be frequently withdrawn. Even the habit setvoot can be pushed down. Ordering is terrible there.

I guess pot is distinctive feature. Why you guys are not considering it and focusing less impact changes.


Main problem is the balance update is slow can’t receive deposit are credited amount msg and one more thing is there is problem in kyc process because present time so many people can get there pan card in the online government shouldn’t send the pan card they provide in online same like adhar card model they don’t provide pvc type cards in some areas on that card is showing in kyc they didn’t accepted one of friends is facing that issue and they stop using jupiter and transfer into another banks even my family member also face that issue please resolve that issue and one more thing if you observe any payment apps in their colour they didn’t use black if they use that color they didn’t increase users and every bank has their unique model jupiter has a the main attraction is red color you can change icons to identify easily present update has no problem was facing looking is also a good and so minor issue like balance updated time slow new user interface is not good color is main problem all are black and white it look like not attractive observ that one thing sir

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Following OnePlus I see hehehe :grin::grin::grin::grin::grin::grin::grin:

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As a minimalist and all-thing-(close to)-monochrome freak, this new design looks absolutely amazing. All you guys need to focus on now is a consistent design throughout (icon’s, spacing, fonts, etc) and fluid animations (something like Paytm comes to mind, or Gpay).


First of all there is a Bug ( i can say typography error) in Google form timing says 3pm to 5pm but in community post it is 2:30pm to 5pm

I’m already in love with the new design. The Dominant Pinkish-orange colour is ok while opening the app but throughout the app it is bit too much. New Colours and Design looks far better. Thanks for thinking of us users. I hope everyone gonna like these New changes.

(don’t forget the dark mode)


I have sent my potégé to this :rofl:

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Hi Aaysuh,
Didn’t understood why did you made this change, to me as a user and a product designer at the same time, the old screen still looks more clear and decluttered


This is exactly what I have been thinking about the colours of Jupiter. Although users take time for the adoption, I’m sure it will sail through. Changing the colour is changing the brand, I hope this colour selection is made keeping the future in heads as more such changes make Jupiter loose it’s values.


When will this be available for regular users?

@jayd_prabhu It should be available from April 25th onwards!

Please upload the event photos

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@here Hello everyone!

Last week, we had some of our community members and employees testing out the new app redesign at the Jupiter HQ, Bangalore and it was super fun!

Sharing some stats on what had happened last week:

  • :bug_hunters: Total bugs reported: 300+
  • :white_check_mark: Valid were 123 bugs (Mostly design issues)
  • :stopwatch: Time taken - Reported in 1.5 hours
  • :mag: The others were from open bugs already tracked by QA team

A big shoutout to @Kal_Aj name for finding out a critical bug!
:mag: Bug found - You can navigate to August 2031 from the money tab and the app crashed after that :blob_worried:

Sharing some chaotic snaps of our meet-up and bug hunting! :camera_flash:

Folks who helped us with the testing: @Rahul_Dinesh @Mr.Minnu @Akash_Kumar @Riyazbhat @anukriti98 @vinayak_prabhu @anupj28 and @manishmanujangra (Hope I didn’t miss anyone! :crossed_fingers: )

Through the redesign, there has also been a reduction in 1L lines of code which will help in the app performance. The new design goes live to 5% of our user base on April 25th and the rest of our users by the end of the month.

We’ll share further updates on this.
Thank you all once again! :blob_thanks:


Redesign was much needed, but no more orange color :scream:


What’s the point of asking for feedback here, if you’ve already made up your mind of rolling it to your users? Almost everyone hates your new UI design above, see replies above if you haven’t already.