Design of the UI


Firstly, I love what Jupiter & other Neobanks are trying to do. Definitely, you will have an edge over other Neobanks, because of your early entry into the market.

The UI of the app can be more intuitive to the market’s requirements. The content which displays when clicked on Home, Payments, Money, Rewards should display what the title actually means. For suppose clicking on “Home” should display Name, Account Numer or some welcome thing. Similarly on “Payments”, it should display options like different ways to make a payment or the account details to be sent.

The rest of the buttons should reflect what it actually means.

I would be happy to get on a call to explain it in a better way.

Thank you.

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Welcome to the community @ROHIT17 :rocket:

Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the UI aspects.

And yes, let’s connect. I would like to know more on this :slight_smile:

Sure. Can you drop your mail id?

I’ve texted you on DM.

@Shawnpinto please make the ui more colorful rather than having only that papaya orange color.

I don’t think it’s about the colour, their innate theme lies in that colour.

No complaint against that color but they can add a bit more colors with it and make the fonts a little bit attractive in a simple way!

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Appreciate the sentiments. But we are equally obsessed with our spacefire color.


I really love the theme(colour) & you are doing great

@Shawnpinto I just saw a few of my suggestions being implemented. I am really happy about that. It should be just a coincidence or it just happened overnight.

In either way, thank you & still would love to connect.

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I love the colour and the name “SpaceFire” even more so… Love the overall space theme of Jupiter too. Keep up the good work! @Jiten and Team