Transaction analytics improvements

Here are some of the screenshots of various Neo-banks from UK and US where the UI and presentation of the spending/budget is very pleasant and clean looking compared to Jupiter.

  1. Starling Bank:
  2. Monese Bank:
    Monese bank
  3. Monzo Bank:

I personally feel money-in / money-out space could be utilized in a much more actionable way.
Screenshot from 2022-03-15 13-44-55


There’s room for serious improvement to Jupiter’s transactions/ insights section. I’m sure the team is already brainstorming.

BTW, that Starling banks color palette is so eye soothing :heart_eyes:


I like Monzo’s UI better tho. Not too “red” :smile:

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There’s this neobank called Up in Australia. They’ve a Jupiter like UI and even the colors :stuck_out_tongue:

Dark mode when it comes to Jupiter I prefer it to be like this…


Ahhhh… that dark mode does look cool. Specifically with simple, yet sizeable icons. Not too hard on the eyes, yet pretty.

I’d give an arm and a leg if we can get pie charts in insights.

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