Jupiter website

(Suggestion) A Jupiter Website

We seriously need a website, all banks have one and it is easier to bank on it. Like Open, another neo bank https://open.money


Agree! Having website would be amazing!

But I think for now Jupiter Team is busy in Improving its App. So maybe App should be the priority them they could work on website as there are a lot of features that are to be added in the App.

And Updating Website and App side by side is not an easy task.

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@hardik Agreed!
@RSSM This is pretty cool :star_struck:
But wouldn’t it be better if everything was on an app though? We’d want you to carry your banking services along with you. A website like this one is mainly accessed on desktops/laptops, which not many would carry it around.

This feels like an add-on. However, it can be very useful when the phone is not with you.


It really is useful, I sometimes dont have my phone and and at that time im really crapped if I just want to transfer funds from my pot to my jupiter balance or etc.

Its hard to see my statement on my phone and the statement pdf sent to the email is hard for me to read so I prefer a website so I can manage my banking on my desktop as well. And since Jupiter uses messaging or something to verify my phone, I am unable to use a emulator as well lol.

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And sometimes I am sooo out of battery that I am on power saving mode, so I can only use a select apps by samsung or google so I really require a bank website at that time.

@RSSM Quick question here - during transactions, does the transaction amount also play a role in whether you prefer mobile vs desktop/laptop?

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No? I didnt get your question. If it is if I would use a desktop/laptop device for higher transaction amounts then its a no since even if it would be of 20 rupees I would use a desktop or laptop to do the transaction.

My actual suggestion is about a website making it easier to bank. I would 100% use the browser to bank on jupiter even if I was on mobile. I really dont like the forceful push of mobile apps on us with only having banking on mobile.

I also use IDFC First Bank and its much easier. They have a phone app, a website both of them do the same thing just one is sized down and you can manage your savings and credit card without needing to switch accounts like in other traditional banks.

I seriously get irritated when I have to go to my mobile then search for jupiter then type the pin and then do what I want to do. Its just better if I can go to to the website enter my email and password or whatever then do whatever I want. yk?


I agree with him… Eventhough i use website very less, It would be handy when the app is not working or slow (which happens a lot these days)…

Jupiter is App like Mobile Banking App where we can do -

  1. Transaction ( UPI , IMPS , NEFT & IMPS )
  2. Chess Balance & Statement
  3. Tracking assets ( MF, Share ,Other A/C Balance etc.)
  4. Chat for help
  5. CARD , A/C & Other Details

Now coming on issues with Website -

:person_raising_hand:Refer to Point No. 1. →

a. UPI can’t perform on web
b. Through contact, as phone is not accessible ( Bank doens’t have authority to store contacts)
c. QR code Payment?
d. Payment requests notification?

:person_raising_hand:Refer to Point No. 2. →

a. even for checking balance need to login.
b. For statment the same difficult login on web.

:person_raising_hand:Refer to Point No. 3. →

a. Only MF & Share can be available
b. Without SMS read permission, only 4-5 banks can track balances ( which is not available here till now)

:person_raising_hand:Refer to Point No. 4. →

a. chat option won’t be normal, if delayed reply you’ll have to wait on that web page.

:person_raising_hand:Refer to Point No. 5. →

a. Same hard method for seeing any details, you’ll have to login with complicated Password, might need OTP each Time .

Note: Jupiter isn’t itself a Bank , so you can still check “ Federal Bank ” :+1: for that hard method if you want to try .

**I also understand that specific person have their own thought, requirements etc , that might disappointing you to see only “ Jupiter App” , how ever I guess it’s the few number of customers are there. **


Hey Roshan, I didnt get what you were coming from. Its obvious UPI cannot be performed on a browser but what about IMPS/NEFT? and a password must be filled each time but whats the issue there? I mean you can use the app but there is no harm in a website. It benefits the users and there are 10 lakh (1million) users on Jupiter how is it “few” and chat can be synced with the mobile app yk it doesn’t have to be reset or anything it will work as the same on the app.

I see your main issue is checking your total balance regularly but that’s not the same in my case I check my statements at the end of each month. The app takes so long to scroll just to get past a month its difficult plus I don’t care about my total balance anyways it sucks and there are better apps that even give you a detailed list of transactions with it.

As on with payments. UPI isn’t the big issue here but what about IMPS and NEFT?? the app cant even add a text box for us to fill the IFSC code even after me complaining multiple times about it. The transaction just fails because Jupiter has a crappy auto-fill mechanism.

You call it complicated but I say it is a life saver in my case. We all have our different opinions obviously and I respect yours. I like banking on the big screen. And I shouldn’t be forced to switch banks to do that. Its like a basic feature in every banks these days a website and a mobile app.


Website could be a backup incase jupiter app fails to load or show " something snapped" :joy:

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No it wouldn’t. App is not a replacement of website. Small mobile screen is neither an equivalent nor better than big screen devices. Plus website can be opened anywhere anytime on any device. Last month, I was in United Kingdom, couldn’t even open Jupiter app because the app wanted to verify my mobile number as I had put a UK sim in phone. If Net banking was available, I could have easily logged in.