When will the netbanking feature be available. I was promised long ago from the team that you guys are working on it

Please make your net banking

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Netbanking is the most dated mode of money transfer. Personally, I wouldn’t expect any new age banking services to provide such old technology when much superior ones exist.

Without Netbanking, there is no way to access Jupiter in desktop or laptop

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I get your point. But isn’t that a rare occurrence. I’ve not used netbanking in ages.

We’ve our mobile phones with us most of the time. To maintain a netbanking interface is an overkill. Also, less feature rich compared to the app.

Well it may be so rare for you but its essential for me. Think of it like an extra key to your asset. Who would not like to have an extra key?

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He’s got a point tho. How do you access your Jupiter account should you lose your phone?

What if your wallet’s been stolen too? That effectively rules out the debit Card.

Net banking is a fair ask. We need a login mechanism so none of us gets locked out our own accounts. If we can add a decent web portal + emergency yet simple features to it as an auxiliary mechanism to the phone app, it’d be fantastic.

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To have it all is good, but is it sustainable? We’re a neobank and not some incumbent bank catering to the boomers :wink: